Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fr Alexander Sherbrooke Live at St Mary Magdalen


Tomorrow at 7.30pm we have last of our 150th Anniversary speakers: Fr Alexander Sherbrooke who will talk about the Future of Evangelisation, which is really about the future of the Church. Fr Alexander is of course the founder of the Soho School of Evangelism and parish priest of the St Patrick's, Soho Square.


Pablo the Mexican said...

Saint Athanasius used this method as well.

Our prayers are with the Holy Priests of God.

May God bless them.


Supertradmum said...

Of course, we know as baptized Catholics that we are all called to evangelize the world. However, what is important is that we convert ourselves first, that we submit to daily examination of conscience, that we put on the Mind of Christ and the Mind of the Church then, go out and do whatever God calls us to do.

I would like to see more real Traditional Catholic women evangelizing by their presence, their femininity, their commitment to the traditional roles of wife and mother. Women need to preach the Gospel by who they are, and not merely by words. We have so much power in our families and in our, even little worlds, to spread Christ. As said on this blog and others so many times, if we have the traditional liturgy, we can change the world. If we have real traditional women, the same result would happen.

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