Monday, June 18, 2012

The Message to the Dublin Eucharistic Conference

He has interesting things on the Sacred Liturgy and the interpretation of Vatican but I presume what he has to say abuse, which is what the Irish media will focus on, will do little to placate secular Ireland's rage, but then what will?
The full text is here


Supertradmum said...

This Pope is a genius. He completely changed the focus of the Congress from subjectivism, to the real foci,Christ, His Church and our salvation.

I have been following the talks of the Congress, which have been less than stellar. Thank God for this holy Pope.

Ireland is in great trouble as a nation and in the Church. What the Pope has called the "tyranny of relativism" is alive and well among Catholics, as well as a tolerance of sin. I lived there for three months from January through March and was, to be honest, shocked, by the fall of the Catholic culture in the several places I stayed.

The laity have not grown up and still act like children. I hope they listened carefully to all the nuances of this good message.

GOR said...

As we have come to expect from the Irish media, the writers of the two articles about the Mass yesterday rent their garments bemoaning that the Holy Father didn't "apologize to the victims".

Give me a break! Pope Benedict has apologized repeatedly about the abuse and has met with victims. How many apologies do people want...?

What struck me most about the Holy Father's message was how frail he looked and how weak his voice was.

God give him strength to put up with all that has been going on!

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