Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arthur, Di Noia, Fellay and Williamson

Interestingly in Rome the news about the now Archbishop, Arthur Roche becoming Secretary at the CDW is not that significant. Though possibly it ought to be, having successfully presided over the introduction of the new Missal translation for the whole of the English speaking world his expertise will be invaluable in preparation for similar work on the revision of other major language groups liturgical such as Portuguese and Spanish. There have been rumours of this appointment for the last couple of years.
But real the news is the move of Archbishop Augustine Di Noia to Vice President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, which is of course now part of the CDF. Di Noia is a can-do American clear thinking theologian, with an ability to cut to the chase. In parallel there are the equally interesting moves in the SSPX, the very public rebuke and dismissal from leadership functions "for repeated disobedience" of Bishop Williamson, the refusal of ordination for religious orders that might split from the SSPX if re-union was sought. It is bit Byzantine but it is all in preparation for their General Chapter next week from which Williamson is banned. At the same time Bishop Fellay is emphasising that no decision has yet been made, indeed that re-union is still open question, however it seems both the Pope and Fellay want it but Bishop Fellay has to demonstrate the cost of dissidence. The rest of us are left to pray. Archbishop Roche was quite famous as an ice-skater in his youth it seems as everyone is skating on rather slippery ice at the moment.


Cradle Catholic said...

Surely the appointment of one whose reception to Summorum Pontificum was so hostile, and whose own Cathedral liturgies were a bit 70s is something that is noteworthy.

Or is it that, at the CDW, his grace would have no jurisdiction over the Usus Antiquor at all?

(I do, of course, applaud the work of ICEL in recent years, especially that of Archbishop Roche and Mons Wadsworth)


Fr Ray,
The second part of your post seems to be blocked out-I thought I would let you know!



umblepie said...

Interesting news Father, thank you.
Forgive me for mentioning this but do you intend for the second half of your post to have a white background instead of the usual black. It makes the post very difficult to read as the print is a light-goldcolour.viz. 'Secretary of CDW ....... left to pray' is the section with a white background. The same thing has happened once or twice in earlier posts. I mention this in case you are unaware of it.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Cradle Catholic,
Yes that is indeed a problem but I think organisational skills might be needed.

georgem said...

Wasn't Arthur Roche CMOC's preferred candidate for Westminster? This could be regarded as a very nice consolation prize and ++Roche is still young enough to make cardinal.

alban said...

I find it more than a tad amusing that the accompanying picture to your post is Henry Raeburn's "The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch".

Walker was a Church of Scotland minister and somewhat inimical towards Catholicism and indeed anything which smacked of ecclesiastical hierarchy.

tempus putationis said...

Surely, Father, the 'very public' rebuke of Williamson and so forth was not public at all, but very private. It was leaked.

Pablo the Mexican said...

His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson does not stand alone.

Many Priests, Bishops, and laity have rallied around him.

His Generals, Fathers Hewko, Chazal, Girouad, Fox, and a host of others have come out swinging.

Truth is the heaviest of artillery and this has sent Rome, Bishop Fellay and his Office Help running for cover.

The Bishop Fellay Regime should be able to withstand efforts to oust him at the July meeting; the Freemasons that have infiltrated Menzingzen have much where with all.

The Bishop Fellay regime will make nice at the meeting, then chop off heads afterwards.

His Office Help and the Whitened Sepulcher Pharisees have been working top speed to construct the 'gallows' from which the insolent parasites will hang.

Considering the Holy Mother and her Son are speaking through Father Hewko and other Holy Priests, I would not wager on the Regime coming out winners.

God writes straight with crooked lines.

He also hangs people with their own rope.

Ave Maria, purissima!


Dennis Speedie said...

I love Pablo the Mexican's parody of a 'mad trad'. Although it's a little exagerrated, there are some people who think a bit like that.

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