Friday, June 08, 2012

Good Idea: send a postcard

I like this, some German Catholics have started a campaign in the light of Vatileaks of sending the Pope a postcard, just saying, "We are with you!"
It was rumoured that under the previous Secretary of State certain low ranking Monsignori on the various language desks in the postal department of the Holy See would simply bin or fail to forward any unfavourable correspondence sent either to the Pope or Vatican department. It gave enormous power of control to men who were really filing-clerks.
It meant if you complained about a Nuncio, for example, or made a recommendation about who would be an effective bishop and it wasn't to the opener of the letter's taste, it never got through.


nickbris said...

After the Aberfan disaster when a school was wiped out by a landslide a member of the Royal Family suggested the public should send toys to surviving children of the village. Inevitably the system became overwhelmed with the huge quantities of toys that were sent and it caused severe disruption to the system.

If a billion Catholic well-wishers sent a postcard it may well get Clinton Cards out of trouble but it would certainly give the Vatican postal services a headache.

Equally,an email would close them down altogether

Et Expecto said...

Not a card like the one illustrasted, I hope.

johnf said...


Your point about low grade Monsignori binning unwelcome correspondence in the Vatican is a problem in all organisations. The secretary in the outside office is a gatekeeper and often acts ultra vires especially if it cuts across his or her views.

A couple of years ago my wife was in contact with the head of Citizen's advice Bureau in our local town. He was interested in what the LIFE Group had to offer and suggested my wife send him some leaflets. She did so and it kept disappearing, binned by the secretary.
Receptionists in doctor's surgeries also take it on themselves to bin stuff they don't agree with.

One of these days we may see a news item where the person in question is disciplined or sacked for this behaviour. But then we may not.

This only seems to happen if a Christian voices a mild opinion on same sex marriage etc.

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