Monday, November 12, 2012

More on Ed Stourton's Support of Dissidents

Where does BBC corruption end? I sent a message to the BBC Sunday Programme when I blogged this piece about Ed Stourton's croneyism. I haven't yet received even an acknowledgement. Next, I suppose I'll write a letter to the Secretary of State for Media, Culture and Sport, because even if it is not, on the face of it, it appears to be very corrupt indeed, an explanation is very much needed.
In the meantime, James MacMillan tells how he was interviewed by Stourton on the Sunday Programme and how it was the "edited".

Anyway, I brought up Stourton's friendly chat with Ms Stroud [of Catholics for a Changing Church] at the end of my interview with him, drawing attention to the fact that she had let slip that her organisation was getting marvellous and helpful support from within the media. Stourton thanked me at the end of our conversation – I was doing the interview down the line from Glasgow – and after we had finished, I was slow in taking my headphones off. I'm glad I was, because I would have missed the conversation between Stourton and his producer, both obviously miffed at my final point. Eventually Stourton said: "Well it's OK, we can obviously cut that bit out of the broadcast." And, of course, they did.

Valerie Stroud: is one of these, she is "grateful for media support".
And a reader sent a link to a photograph Ms Stroud in, irony of ironies, Demolition News


Jacobi said...


I sent in a complaint and received a prompt reply.

In this, a Mr Graham tells me that he understands that I feel the Sunday programme is biased towards liberal Catholicism because of the presenter Edward Stourton, which of course is true.

However, being a tactful sort of person, I never actually mentioned Mr Stourton. Now that tells you something!

While much is said about editorial responsibility, lines of management and guidelines “All our presenters are committed to report impartially and without bias”, the problem with the BBC is a cultural one, permeating the whole of the organisation, as is now becoming obvious in other areas.

For decades now, and at all levels, the organisation has been run by a clique from the chattering classes interested, probably almost subconsciously, in putting across their relativist view of morals and society and totally dismissing anyone who differs.

Jonathan Marshall said...

Why don't these dissidents just join a Protestant church (heaven knows there's enough of them!)?

Because that's exactly what they are - protestants.

Sixupman said...


The whole of the BBC is agenda driven and anything not conforming thereto is avoided wherever possible.

When the BBC Religious programming was at Oxford Road, Manchester, they could have obtained the view of orthodox Catholicism by going 300 yards or so up the road, to The Holy Name or St. Augustine's, but they never did. Merely seeking out an official view to conform with their own prejudices.

Highland Cathedral said...

Here is another photo of Valerie Stroud,looking more her age:

Fr Ray Blake said...


Her age has little to do with it, but she does seem to be involved with lots of the dissident group Stand up 4 V2, We are the Church, Catholics 4 a Changing Church etc. Do they all have same people involved? Though the her discples do seem to be of a similar age.

Francis said...

And here's a photo of Valerie Stroud doing her day job -- addressing the Institute of Demolition Engineers.

What did Pope Paul say about the "auto-demolition of the Church?"

Independent said...

The BBC is institutionally anti-semitic, anti-catholic or indeed anti any entity which stands for other than a very liberal ideology - with one exception - Islam. It is a matter of sociological culture nurtured by the New Left of the 1960's.

Fr Ray Blake said...

How wonderfully ironic.

wretchedwithhope said...

just like the new-good is the old evil and the new-evil is the old good - world according Fry - the new-defenders of the faith are the old enemies of the faith. And then there's the world according to Mr Thompson:

Genty said...

Isn't Edward Stourton the symptom rather than the cause? The secularist BBC knows it has to fulfil its charter quota of religious broadcasting. But you can render it trite and meaningless by employing religious wets as presenters who understand the game, which is never to invite anyone on the programme who is a convinced and orthodox religious spokesperson. It applies to all religions, not just Catholics.
Radio 4's Thought for the Day is another prime example of anodyne twaddle. Last time I saw Songs of Praise, admittedly years ago, it had morphed into Songs of People Praise.
Very many viewers of the royal wedding were impressed by its serious religious content. But for the programme controllers BBC it was no more than an aberration.

Sadie Vacantist said...

Stourton is a descendant of the 19th Baron Stourton and in very distant remainder to this barony presently held by his cousin Edward Stourton, 27th Baron Mowbray. He is the son of Nigel Stourton CBE, who worked for British American Tobacco, and Rosemary Abbott, being brought up near Patrick Brompton.

Heck, he even sent his own kids to Eton yes "We are Church"!

Contemplative Catholic said...

Very unedifying post . . .

Fr Ray Blake said...

Contemplative Catholic.
You are quite right Ed Stourton's support of dissident groups, on license payers money is more than unedifying, it is scandalous!

Recusant said...
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Recusant said...

Contemplative Catholic

Since you describe yourself as an 'ordained priest' in the United Ecumenical Catholic Church - whatever that is - I should imagine that my old school contemporary Ed's programme would suit you down to the ground:it speaks for every cause you espouse.

However, at least you are honest enough to have left the church when you found that your beliefs no longer matched hers. Or do you believe she left you?

Contemplative Catholic said...

Dear recusant, nice to see the correction . . . ta