Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Healing: For Victims of Sexual Abuse

Grief to Grace

Dr Theresa Burke, founder of "Rachel's Vineyard," the worldwide retreat programme for those seeking healing after abortion, will be in England at the end of the month to lead another of her programmes, "Grief to Grace - reclaiming the Gift of Sexual Dignity."  Grief to Grace is a four-day, residential retreat for those who have suffered sexual abuse or any other kind of traumatic violation of any kind in childhood, or adolescence or as an adult, including clergy abuse.   A consulter for the Pontifical Academy of Life and a world-reknowned expert on the treatment of trauma, Dr Burke is adamant that whilst "Grief to Grace" is based on sound therapeutic principles, its real power lies in allowing the Holy Spirit to act on the deep wounds left by abuse. As well as the tools of psychology, the retreat integrates the sacraments and specially designed meditations on Scripture to allow victims to face what they have suffered  as they unite it to the passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord.   The wounds left by abuse are not cured by talking therapies alone.  The Catechism speaks of the human heart as a place "deeper than our psychic drives," and often abuse leaves wounds so deep that only the Divine Physician, Jesus Christ can heal them.  Grief to Grace is not a campaigning organisation; it exists only to help victims find the healing that the Gospel promises.  It is authentically Catholic in its view of the human person and what constitutes his or her dignity.

There are still places available in the Grief to Grace retreat from 25th- 30th November which will be held at the Kairos Centre, Roehampton, south west London.  There are more details on the website:www.grieftograce.org, or contact us by email: g2guk@yahoo.co.uk or call 020 8947 6420 or 07740 687536 in confidence for information. 


Pablo the Mexican said...

The effects of sin can only be cured by Divine Grace.

A good Padre realizes Psychology and Psychiatry have there worldly limits.

Good Psychologists and Psychiatrists know this limit, and admit to the celestial authority.

A Padre should know these two are temporary bandages bringing some control to the wounds of sin.

To cure the sin, the Padre must offer himself as a hostage to this sin on behalf of the soul effected.

Through prayer and penance, the Padre can cure that soul, for God's greater glory.

That is why it is of great importance we support our Padres through prayer, penance, and active support of them.

Support means coming to the Church at times of prayer, six o'clock daily Rosary, eight o'clock Compline, and so on.

The world can live without the Sun; it would die quickly without the Priest.

Many can treat the effects of sin.

Only a Padre can cure it.


epsilon said...

For anyone who can't make that retreat, Dawn Eden is going to be a speaker at Westminster on the 8th January 2013 courtesy of Edmund Adamus - check out her latest blogpost at http://dawneden.blogspot.com - she was so wonderful on Journey Home:)

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