Monday, November 12, 2012

Catholic Medical Quarterly

LogoThe new Catholic Medical  Quarterly is on-line, there are some interesting article on Humanae Vitae related issues,


wretchedwithhope said...

"the frustration of the Law of God"...we prefer not to frustrate our whims or equanimity these or any days; and Padre Pio's letter affirming the, "straight and painful way in the defense of eternal truth, which never changes with the passing of the years"; was sent just ten days before he died.

People seem so confused about the 'straight and painful way', because we're encouraged to be
a-morally apologetic about our Christian bequest and so egregiously polite about the satanic bequest of our neighbours. We aren't responsible for Satan's works, but we are responsible if we recognise them and appease them, helping our neighbours along with error. Encouraging error worries me; I see it and politely watch it flow by, knowing the truth and appeasing the lies; passed the gates of death the appeasers might be the footmen to those deceived by appeasement.

Physiocrat said...

As well as some unexpected side effects, notably, harmful water pollution.