Sunday, November 04, 2012

Bigot of the Year Award

A statement from the Scottish Catholic Media Office
"Stonewall’s decision to award their “Bigot of the year” award to Cardinal O'Brien reveals the depth of their intolerance and their willingness to attack and demean those who don’t share their views.
 Stonewall and others have promoted terms like ‘bigot’ and ‘homophobe’ relentlessly, in order to intimidate and vilify anyone who dares oppose their agenda. It is an agenda which the wider public does not endorse and which their excessive language has undermined.
 Numerous public bodies give sizeable financial donations to Stonewall including the Scottish Government, these intolerant and intimidatory tactics should mean that this funding is now questioned and examined as a matter of urgency.”
Well, Scottish Catholics are used to suffering from prejudice, intimidation, ostracism, villification, and oppression from powerful anti-Catholic organisations, today there are few more powerful organisations in the UK than Stonewall.


Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

God bless those who are willing to stand with Truth.

Apparently the etymology of 'bigot' is 'by God'.

Paulinus said...

The Orange Order should have a special Stonewall Lodge. Their anti-Catholicism is virtually indistinguishable. The irony of a bunch of bigots awarding a Bigot Of The Year Award should mean the death of satire (though the EU getting the Nobel Peace Prize might have heralded that.

A message to Stonewall: Some people are Catholic and disagree with you - get over it.

Amfortas said...

I don't think you'll find many Orangemen in favour of gay marriage!

Jessica Hoff said...

I wonder if they are able to award it to themselves? They seem to deserve it.

nickbris said...

Stonewall must be IDGITS of the century then.

Aberants of the first order.

The Brighton variety will be placing their pink bouquet on the Memorial again this year

Tony Flavin said...

On top of all this, media attention hungry vicar Giles Fraser accepted the Hero of the Year award, accepted it.

But a Scottish Tory politician was booed for voicing her disquiet at the bigot award even existing.

Spot the bigotry.

Unknown said...

What few have taken note of is that the woman, to whom Stonewall awarded the "Politician of the Year" award, was booed during her acceptance speech for condemning the branding of people as bigots.

Genty said...

I expect a statement of strong support for Cardinal O'Brien from the EWBC very soon.

johnf said...

The blogger Cranmer sums up Stonewall quite well

“Stonewall isn't a benign and benevolent gay rights charity: it is an offensive, bullying, intolerant and actively-persecuting organisation which pillories Christians and vilifies those who disagree with its political agenda. It is, by its own definition of their term, fundamentally 'bigoted', and those who sponsor its abhorrent intimidation and harassment deserve to be duly tarnished for their ill-judged association”.

What depresses me is that UK governments of whatever hue are in thrall to this evil organisation

Jim said...

Feel free to email your congratulations to His Eminence.
I did
Cardinal O'Brien
ps he has just spent a couple of weeks in hospital

Paulinus said...

Anyone know if he takes a drink? And if so, what's his tipple. I'd like to send him a wee something.

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