Monday, December 18, 2006

A Paris Mass

Charles and a few other people in the parish said they had never been to Tridentine Mass, though on holiday in Greece they had been to plenty of Byzantine Rite Liturgies. This is Mass from St Nicholas of Chardonet in Paris, it is run by the schismatic St Pius X group, so when you watch it pray for an end to the schism.
There is something quite wholesome, even human about this liturgy, the Church is full, there are lots of little servers who don't know quite what to do, the boy with the holywater needs to be held by the priest to prevent him running ahead, there are young parents with noisey children, the music is a bit irritating in parts; it is a nice Parish Mass.
I am afraid it goes on for a bit over an hour.
I found it on Fr Michael Brown's blog.


Andrew said...

Dear Fr.

Perhaps you can check out this link.

It's from the SSPX site in Poland and that's where I watched the original video some time ago.

For people who are interested in downloading the Mass.

Quite a number of videos there too including the late ++Archbishop Lefebvre's illicit consecrations in 1988.

The late Archbishop's interview for "Priests for Tomorrow" was fascinating, as was the documentary "What we have lost".

Do take a look of you have the time. Most of it is in English.

Physiocrat said...

Doesn't give the impression of being a minority interest.

Nice music. I wouldn't fancy having to do all that singing at SMM though, our acoustics are dreadful, the church has no reverberation time at all. When we are rereordered can we get something done about this eg perhaps some timber panelling between the sanctuary and the side chapels, once the altar is back where it is meant to be the servers will be seated further on the sanctuary and there will be space.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it rather funny how we brandish the term "schismatic" when reffering to the SSPX but when reffering to the really outrageous schismatics such as the Orthodox and Anglicans, we are told to call them "bretheren"?

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