Monday, December 11, 2006

A Priest Forever

Alvin Kimel of my favourite blog, Pontifications, has just been ordained a Catholic priest, formerly he was an Episcopalian Canon. In a rather beautiful piece he reflects on the meaning of his Catholic ordination and his former ordination in the Anglican Communion. He moves on from Apostolicae Curae and makes sense of his ordination.
He expresses a little more clearly than most of my convert Anglican friends what becoming a Catholic priest means.
Have a look.

My congratulions to him on his ordination.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Father Ray. I'm sure it will make interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

This is an odd piece of writing. Considering he has been ordained for little more than a week isn't it a bit soon to make comparisons between his present and previous ministerial life? He seems to be more concerned with validation than vocation. Did he really celebrate his first Mass privately? That is the oddest aspect of all. Has he no understanding of the Church as the Body of Christ? Or does he see his priesthood as a purely private affair? All rhetorical questions I know but he doesn't give much confidence that he will be a good pastor and servent of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you are sniping unnecessarily, he is doing what Fr Ray is saying, and also delighting in his ordination.