Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Anglican Response!

When the Archbishop of Canterbury wanted a largish celebration in Rome to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the All Saints Anglican Centre in Rome, the diocese of Rome allowed him to use a Roman Basillica of S Sabina, it even allows him to carry a crozier, a symbol of authority. How does All Saints respond? It makes itself available for the ordination of an Old Catholic women priest, who herself claims it is a stunt, "to stimulate a debate amongst Catholics".
Maybe Benson had something when he coined the phrase, "Old Mother Damnable".


Independent said...

To what extent were Anglicans responsible? Was the loan of All Saints to the Old Catholics with the permission of Dr Geoffrey Rowell, the Anglican Diocesan Bishop? However it seems rather shabby behaviour in view of the loan of so many Catholic Churches for Anglican services around the Mediterranean. In Spain they are often loaned, with the proviso that there are no women officiants.

Archdeacon Grantley said...

The scandal of that event with Rowan Williams in Rome should never be forgotten. It still astonishes me that it was ever permitted to take place.

Is not an altar desecrated when false rites are celebrated on it? I sincerely doubt that this even occurred to the authorities of the Diocese of Rome.

Michelle Therese said...

Hello, Father! I discovered your blog via Father Tim.

Interesting. Rowan Williams, a fake Bishop, can use a Catholic bassilica to perform a fake mass ~ but real Catholics can't use St. Magnus Cathedral here in Orkney to say a real mass!

The irony is rich.

gemoftheocean said...

I don't why anyone gives a sweet patootie re: what OTHER religions do as far as clergy goes.

IF they want to "ordain" a one-eyed transgendered transvestite trapped in an alien's body married to his/her/its dog, Skippy, as long as they don't expect me to stand up and salute, that's okay by me. Just don't make me go to that house of worship.

I can walk around the house all day saying "I'm Maharincess of Franistan" but it ain't necessarily so, as Porgy and Bess would say.

FWIW, I don't think a celibate, male, protestant clergyman is properly ordained either. Maybe according to HIS OWN religion, and that's fine by me.

But THEY don't decide what *our* standard is, any more than we should kibbitz what *their* standard is. It's up to them to change, not us for us to be one church.

This woman in question is no more a "Catholic" than a Hottentot is an Eskimo, so why should I care?

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