Thursday, May 27, 2010

Corpus Christi: Help!

Next Thursday we are having a Missa Cantata for Corpus Christi at 8pm, followed by a procession around the nearby streets. The music will be Haydn's St Nicholas Mass and chant propers.
We are bit short of servers, so if you want to serve come along before 7pm.
If you can borrow a canopy for the Lord, bring it, preferrably with enough Catholic knights to carry it.
As the Mass is the Extraordinary Form, the hymns for the procession will also be in Latin so in addition to our schola anyone able to read chant is more than welcome.


Patricius said...

Our Lady of the Rosary at Blackfen will be short of servers on Corpus Christi so any help our way would be welcome too!

Clare said...

Probably doesn't make much different but we're singing the Haydn Little Organ Mass (Missa brevis St Joannis de Deo) not the Haydn St Nicks. This one has a much speedier Gloria.

georgem said...

Isn't the St. Nicholas Mass the one which has jolly diddly bits on the organ? One of my favourites.
But I am sure the choir will do due honour to the Little Organ Mass!