Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Grauniad Ascension Moment

If you live in the parish and picked up a newsletter on Sunday the Traditional Latin Mass for the Ascension of the Lord, well I am afraid there was error, it is actually 12 hours later than advertised. Non est 7am sed 7pm! That is it is at 1900 hours.
It is low Mass but with a very solemn look on the servers face as he performs the snuffing out of the Paschal Candle after the Gospel.
It seems in the Novus Ordo that the Candle, brought into the church with great solemnity slips away from the sanctuary into the baptistry on the first day of Ordinary time if the sacristan remembers.


Physiocrat said...

The server will have his work cut out, snuffing the Paschal candle. The snuffer has a hole in the top which makes the device draw up air like a chimney so the flame burns better.

There may have been a decorative finial in the space where the hole is at the top of the cone. The hole needs to be plugged.

pelerin said...

Call me silly but I used to feel quite emotional when the candle was snuffed out at the end of the Gospel on Ascension Day. The symbolism was profound - a simple act with deep meaning. And then it vanished.

At the Mass I attended on Christmas Day I could not help noticing the Pascal candle was present and lit. Singing Christmas carols whilst the Pascal Candle burned was altogether a novel experience the symbolism of which escaped me.

Crux Fidelis said...

At the OF Mass I attended this morning (St Aloysius, Glasgow - the Jesuit church) the Paschal candle was extinguished after the homily.

Crux Fidelis said...

When I posted I didn't realise that the Ascension had been shifted to the following Sunday in England & Wales. Why do they do that?