Thursday, May 20, 2010

Society of St Tarcissius

I have already agreed to start a Brighton branch of the Society of St Tarcissius, I was asked by our EF Master of Ceremonies on Sunday evening. So I was pleased to receive the press release this morning from the LMS on their new initiative, a link can be found here.


Dominic Mary said...

Splendid, dear Father : the inaugural day was not only well attended, but well attended by young people - so having an actual branch in Brighton can only be a good thing !

davidforster said...

If you are an altar server of the traditional mass, and wish to enrol as a full member or supporter, then please - do it now! Email for a leaflet. For maximum impact, we need to recruit as many members as possible, quickly.

There are already supporters from Scotland, Ireland, the USA, The Philippines, and Geneva, as well as from closer to home.

Saint Tarcisius.
Fidelis usque ad mortem

Dymphna said...

There has to be a better image of St. Tarcissius. No young boy wants to look like a tubucular girl.

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