Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Third anniversary of Summorum Pontificum is today.
Last night I was speaking to a couple about their wedding, they asked to have a Traditional Mass, another couple from the parish who are being married by another priest also want the Traditional Rite. I find that worth reflecting on, because it is 20% of our marriages this year.

If, God forbid, the Holy Father should die, today the one thing that will endure from this pontificate is Summorum Pontificum, no subsequent Pontiff will be willing to take away from priests the rights it has granted, nor be able to gainsay the principles of plurallity and continuity it enshrines.


Mick said...

Summorum Pontificum - Deo Gratias !

Physiocrat said...

What about Caritas in Veritate? Bones has had a long correspondence on one of his blogs about the church, condoms and AIDS, but what emerges is that it is partly a poverty problem. And CiV urges us to get to grips with this.

mikesview said...

I agree. But how sad it is that Quo Primum even required to be rescued by Summorum Pontificum.

georgem said...

The perfect antidote to the news on your subsequent posting.