Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moat's last words

Just been thinking about Raoul Moat's last words:
'I've lost everything.'
'I've got no dad.'
'Nobody cares what happens to me.'
They seem poignantly to reflect the disconnection of western man.

Love Undefiled offers something which might go towards a  resolution.


me said...

Lord have Mercy on his soul, Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

Adulio said...

There but for the grace of God we go.

What shadowlands said.

Volpius Leonius said...

And there are thousands of young men just like him and our Godless society is creating more every day.

So what are we going to do about it?

pattif said...

Just imagine the store of trouble we're laying up for ourselves with the frowing armies of young men who've "got no dad".

nickbris said...

Executed by a down-by-the-head-with-chiefs Police Force.

If the coalition are really serious about culling some Dead-Wood in our public services they need look no further than the Northumbrian Constabulary.All they are good for is dishing out Parking Tickets.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Hestor it is worst, there but for the Grace of God go our children.

Left-footer said...

Society in Western European countries seems very dislocated, hence such appalling events as this.

Hostels for the homeless in London were full of spiritually lost people when I worked in them 5 years ago, but so, I think, is society.

Remember Mrs Thatcher's, "There is no such thing as society"?

.The Cellarer said...

"Nobody cares what happens to me"

Two examples.

Someone I know did a ligament going down stairs to Glasgow Underground. Screaming in agony. 5 minutes before someone stopped and helped. Rush hour, no chance of being a set up for mugging.

Someone I know watched at least 10 people walk past a man having a heart attack, raising hand pleading for help, before he got to them - man well dressed, busy city street so no chance a set up for mugging.

As a good friend of mine remarked about these sort of matters

"We are going to hell on a handcart."

gemoftheocean said...

IF you have God, then you DO have everything. (Granted, some people don't know they are His.)

epsilon said...

This is probably why he has a facebook memorial of 18,000+ ->
people are identifying with him

Let the bishops of Liverpool, East Anglia and Hallam do penance for the part Catholic schools in their areas are playing in bringing the Godless society into the very heart of their schools - see my recent blogs since 9th July 2010

georgem said...

May he rest in peace, poor troubled soul.
And, as epsilon and others point out, a salutory reminder of how many are lost in themselves.
What futures we hand our children when they take second place to our adult egos which pursue personal fulfilment and satisfied desires as ends in themselves.

Seraphic said...

Well, there is also such a thing as outrageous self-pity. I don't really think this is a case of "there but for the grace of God we go" for how many of us have administered the kind of beatings this man gave to the women who loved him? How many of us have shot a complete stranger (and a police officer) in the face, blinding him in one eye?

If anything, this is a lesson to us to face up to our own sins and not to blame others for the terrible situations we put ourselves in.

Moat may have said, in the end, "I don't have a dad", and yet that did not stop him abandoning his own children by way of a bullet. Now they don't have a dad.

Terry Middleton said...

Left Footer -

continue the quotation from Mrs Thatcher's 1979 speech..

"There's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people and people must look after themselves first. It's our duty to look after ourselves, and then, also,to look after our neighbours."

On the day of Judgement, it will be no defence to blame "society" for our own sins.

I cannot see anything wrong in Mrs Thatchers very wise summing up of traditional Christian teaching, but I do find fault with those who carelessly mis-quote her words.

pelerin said...

Interesting to see the whole quote from Mrs Thatcher. However is not the comment that people must look after themselves first, then their neighbours, in direct opposition to Christian teaching where we are encouraged to put others first before ourselves? That was the start of the Me Me Me society - the 'I'm all right Jack era' which became all too clear as the years went by.

madame evangelista said...

I agree with Seraphic's comment; I'm not saying I don't feel any compassion for him (I do), but 'outrageous self-pity' pretty much sums it up.

Many, many men have grown up without dads (think of all the families where a father of young children was killed during a war), it's hardly a new phenomenon, if you're a boy without a dad you don't inevitably end up a violent criminal. He shot his girlfriend and killed a man. I believe in redemption and a God of infinite mercy and I make no judgement on Moat, but I do find it very hard to see him as a victim of circumstance.

nickbris said...

The prison authorities warned that he was about to do harm to his Wife.If anybody up there was doing the job that they are paid for Mr Moat would have been arrested at the gate & sectioned under the Mental Health Act..

There needs to be a proper inquiry by an INDEPENDENT AUTHORITY not the silly Police who have been criminally negligent.

Volpius Leonius said...

Seraphic he didn't abandon his children.

His own children had already been taken from him by a combination of their mother and the police.

The same thing happens to men in this country every day, no one cares.

Even if he didn't shoot himself he was going to jail for the rest of his life and would never see them again.

The Bones said...

I think there is a societal/general culpability in as much as we live in a culture that fosters, promotes and allows sin, selfishness and self-destruction to flourish.

I don't judge him, lest I fail to see the 'moat' in my own eye, but I think that Fr Ray is right...there are many, many more Moats to come.

The culture of death claims victims and destroys lives and that is the culture in which the UK is steeped, knee deep.

The institution of the family has been ripped asunder. We reap what we sow, as individuals and as a society.

Seraphic said...

In defense of Margaret Thatcher, when we are on airplanes, we are all told that in the event of oxygen masks appearing, we have to affix them to our own faces first and only THEN place them over the faces of children.

If we do not take care of our basic needs, we will not be able to take care of others.

We are to love our neighbours AS ourselves, not necessarily before ourselves. In fact, our first responsibility is to our own soul's salvation and then to others. There's no rivalry or competition here.

It sickens me that a child-abusing, woman-abusing, murdering rapist is now a hero to thousands in Britain because he declared war on the police, half-blinded one, evaded capture for a week while villagers cowered in terror and then shot himself after whining over how hard done by he was.

When you think of who the heroes of England used to be... Remember Scott of the South Pole? Remember Oates?

me said...

Margaret Thatcher didn't love my dad and realtives as herself, when she shut down the mines (cheaper to import from Poland), the ship yards (the finest ships in the world were built on the River Clyde) and the steel industry ( no more fine cutlery from Sheffield!) in favour of service industries and finance institutions.
She also sold off all the utilities (Gas, water and electricity) and the railways, thereby losing half their staff.
Before the GPO was privatised they were the biggest employer in Europe. One hundred and fifty thousand people evebtually lost their jobs. BT maybe turned out OK, but it was thanks to the Sir Ian Vallance and his research and development, and never making one person compulsorarily redundant. Not hing to do with Thatcher, the milk snatcher.
She also sold off the British car industry, to the Japanese, the Americans and the Germans so now there is no longer any famous marques of car that are British; eg Jaguar is now American. Rolls royce is German and even the Mini as well. Famous Rover brand is gone.

When I hear that Dennis Thatcher has had to start buying tesco gin, instead of Gordon's. maybe then I'll get a bit of neighbourly identity......not sure I feel the love yet though.

me said...

Sorry, I got so carried away with that last comment, I forgot to make my main point. We, in Britain today, are reaping what she sowed. Hugeommunities up North/Scotland and in Wales totally lost their way of life going back hundreds of years. What we see today, is partly the result of this loss.
Not one single utility is owned by a UK company. Disgusting and heartbreaking.

I end, as I began this comment thread. Lord have Mercy, on us all.

Fr Richard Aladics said...

Christ's words to St Faustina, offering mercy to the despairing soul in death, are the pivot of all human life.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

How tragic, in all ways.
The Catholic Faith, in the centrality of the family, upholding marriage and the care for children is certainly a sign of sanity in this horrid world (as in the USA where I live) where broken families, absent fathers, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity and ultimately, violence, are the "bad fruits" of family life gone bad.

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