Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Prayer for St Thomas' for turbulent priests

Pour out your Spirit O Lord on the clergy of England and Wales, O Lord,
Inspire them, as You inspired St Thomas to rise up and oppose all that is contrary to Your Will.

And you Holy Archbishop, make our clergy troublesome and turbulent, give us courage to risk all, in the opposition to the evil which stalks our land. With your most powerful intercession arm us with the power which comes from on High. Help us in our weakness, turn our impotence into strength, turn infidelity into sure faith, turn our short sightedness into hope of the bright vision God has for our country and our lukewarmness into burning and ardent charity and love for the will of God.
Be our champion and our leader in the battle before us, let us not fear those who come to seek our destruction in the moral darkness of the winter night that has fallen upon us. Take from us the terrors and phantasms of the night. Like you we have only with the Cross of Christ, while those who are arrayed against us are armed with all the force of the State.
Be our good father and protect your family the Church, defend the clergy and intercede for all the people of this Kingdom.



umblepie said...

An inspirational post Father. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Gervase Crouchback said...

Amen to that Father. And for Australia I make this my prayer too.

Catherine said...

Amen! And for Australia, too!

Physiocrat said...

Pray for England indeed. There has been some pretty virulent anti-Catholic stuff in the Guardian pretty much every day for the past couple of weeks. And the comments are even more virulent - even the Guardian's moderators have had to delete them.

Physiocrat said...

Fr Mark Elvins who is a descendant of one of the four knights has a relic that someone in Rome gave him. There is also a relic in the Catholic church in Canterbury. They were taken from the shrine in the 13th century.