Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Muslim Council of Britain opposes Marriage Change

The Muslim Council of Britain of course is opposed to the Government's proposed redefinition of marriage. Successive governments happily ignore the squeals of various Christian groups, experience has taught them that if we don't "get with the programme", we eventually learn to live with it. Some blogs have suggested that if we refuse to teach about same sex "marriage" in our schools we might lose them, that isn't going to happen, we will find a way of accommodating Government policy, as we have with contraception.

Indeed we tend to be able to accommodate most behaviour that is directly contrary to the Gospel or Church teaching to the point where for many Catholics, morality and religious belief are lived out in separate boxes. We have a tendency never to make condemnations of individuals, to be non-judgemental, not to attach sinful behaviour to individuals even if they are happy to wallow in sin.

I suspect that the Government is more likely to listen to the MCB rather than to any number of Bishops or Archbishops. I presume that the main reason the Labour Party now intends to give its MPs a free vote is because it fears a loss of the Muslim vote over this issue. For most Muslims politics, morality and religious belief are not separated, in the way they have become for most Christians. Politicians whose public policies or personal morality contradicts Islamic values are likely to lose votes. Outraged Muslim opinion in Britain is unlikely to bring hordes out onto the streets but is likely to lose a candidate or political party both votes and allegiance.

Christian clergy are unlikely to denounce politicians by name or to look closely at a particular politicians voting record or to question him about his personal morality. Perhaps the feminization of the Church has seperated faith and politics, Muslims in Britain seem to have a healthier attitude. I am told in some Mosques Imans actually talk about how friendly or not particular local politicians are towards Islam, and whether Muslims should vote for them or not, and whether young Muslims should be willing or not to volunteer to work for a particular political party, or not. In fact they are very much like Catholics once were.

There was once a Catholic vote, probably there is no more, except in Scotland, but there is a Muslim vote and being pro gay "marriage" is likely to loose it.

MCB opposes the discriminatory gay marriage law

The Muslim Council of Britain is appalled to see the utterly discriminatory provision of the new gay marriage legislation proposed by the government. Farooq Murad, the Secretary General of the MCB said, “We find it incredible that while introducing the bill in the House, culture secretary Maria Miller could keep a straight face when offering exemption for the established Church while in the same breath claiming, ‘fairness to be at the heart of her proposals’.

The government announced that, the Church of England and Church in Wales will be banned in law from offering same-sex marriages, with other religious organisations able to opt in to holding ceremonies.

Mr. Murad added, “ It is not just the ‘Church of England and Church in Wales’ who "explicitly" stated strong opposition’ as Mrs. Miller says, the Muslim Council of Britain along with most other faith groups also made equally strong representation”. He said “no one in their right mind should accept such a discriminatory law. It should be amended to give exactly the same exemption to all the religions." The MCB is seeking an urgent meeting with the Culture Secretary to express the concerns of the Muslim community on the proposed legislation.


The Bones said...

My concern is that the Muslim Council are seeking exemption for mosques, rather than concentrating on the common good of society that is not served by the redefinition of marriage.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

given the prolific state of under age girls 'given' in 'marriage' in Islam (to mention also polygamy and not to mention a bunch more on the issue) it seems disingenuous for a cry against other forms of fornication proposed as soon to be passed off as marriage.

the reason the Church suffers the 'exile of the ignored' when she dares to speak the truth is because she is the treasury of the 'way, truth, life,'; the ruler of the world is always gonna give a big ear to his own.

plus Christian terrorism is confined to moaning over caffine and then going to confession about the moaning - which Caesar isn't so interested in.

Fr Ray Blake said...

We don't do polygamy as Christians, and neither do most Muslims but some Christian do marry at an extremely young age.

Most of us are well aware of Islam's shortcomings either springing directly from the Qu'ran or from various cultures, let's not betray our ignorance or spend few minutes "paki-bashing", it is just boring, not that charitable and there are lots of opportunities to do it elsewhere.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

my only - well, not only 'cause i feel a few more coming on if you'll bear with - point is if, from a catholic pov, the voice of islamic morality is just before God, I don't see why the voice of gay morality (many quote marks implied) isn't. gays find at least as many words of The Word as meaningless as Islam - why is the voice of an imam who discounts the person of Truth for his own ends more right and just than an atheistic gay who discounts the person of Truth?

unless truth can come in little protestant packages - it's all or nothing - we don't live in a world where God Himself is yet to make the Word Flesh - it's happened. so, unless an imam rails against padophilia or polygamy as much as homosexuality - just seems like the moral equivalent of a photo-op.

especially given that so many Christians have said the same thing for decades - what - Christ now needs Mohammed to fight his battles?

never gotten the whole truth lives outside of Christ thing.

nickbris said...

Baroness Warsi is leading the revolt and they will have to listen,she talks a lot of cobblers most of the time but her tenaciousness on this subject will convince the weaklings in both houses.

Muslims don't go along with the turn the other cheek stuff and will be like St Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane.

It's the Non-Christians not Atheists & Humanists who will save the day.

Physiocrat said...

Are there queues of same sex couples waiting to be married in churches, synagogues and mosques, who are at present being denied this right by discriminatory religious practices?

Rachel M. Gohlman said...

Why don't people rally against them and call them bigots like they do Catholics? Good for the Muslims for standing their ground!

Nicolas Bellord said...

There is an interesting interview in the Catholic Herald for 14th December with Cardinal Scola of Milan about Oasis an organisation to foster understanding between the West and the Muslim world. Same-sex marriage is one area where co-operation would be useful.

Some years ago the anti-Catholic elements in the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth managed to get two Muslims appointed to the Ethics Committee which was supposed to oversee the application of Catholic teaching in the Hospital. I suppose they imagined this would dilute the committee's catholicity. In fact they made a big mistake as one of the Muslims, a leading cancer specialist, was extremely effective in uncovering gender reassignment operations and raising questions about the excessive numbers of operations described as post-miscarriage remedial action.

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