Saturday, December 15, 2012

Well done, Ma Pepinster

The first U.S. Open Championship was won by Horace Rawlins in 1895.

I have never done this before, in fact I have always urged people not to read, so it is rather embarassing to suggest it, here but there is a very good editorial in The Tablet this week on "Cameron's colossal muddle" there is a pale reflection on the website.

Who said I was prejudiced old .....?

Alright, so I am questioning why, but whatever the motivation, it is good and well thought out.


nickbris said...

It seems to me that all of that has been said over & over again on various blogs for months.

BIG BROTHER is watching

Pablo the Mexican said...

Satan did not require Christ to knell completely before him...

...he would have been satisfied with just the smallest of motions in that direction.

"I'm going into the Saloon to have just one drink, then I am out of there"
are the last words of a sober man.

There is an injunction against listening to heretics, even if they do mention Truth every now and again.

"Never swim with pigs; you will always come out smelling like a pig, and the pig will still stink"

An old Mexican Proverb.


Gungarius said...

And what is the latest traffic news in Damascus?

Nicolas Bellord said...

Father: I am not so sure about this article.

The Church of England has come out against gay marriage. The Government is exempting them from doing it until such time as they change their mind. This is the exact opposite of dictating to the CofE.

I get the impression that The Tablet would just like the issue to have been handled in less shambolic manner. They also buy into the idea that there is a majority in the country in favour of gay marriage.

BJC said...

Yes, but don't think for one minute that CP or the Tablet have had a change of heart. In the very same issue the lead article is by John Selwyn Gummer (the former Conservative cabinet minister) supporting gay civil marriage. He espouses what you might call the Beattie doctrine that civil gay marriage is alright and the natural law needs updating(!) as new scientific evidence that homosexuality is in fact normal comes to light. Who knows he seems to opine, in time the Church might get with the programme.

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