Friday, December 14, 2012

I am glad a Catholic Bishop did write this letter.

It is Bishop Egan's letter to Dave Cameron, in which he sets forward part of the Catholic arguement against "gay marriage", he does so clearly and logically dismisses Camerons fallacious argements.
Thank you Deacon Augustine.


johnf said...

Excellent letter, cogently argued.

nickbris said...

If that has no impression on them we are doomed,the same things are being said although not so articulately all over the place.

Maria Miller is being exposed as a probable fraudster and has been issuing veiled threats to the "uncensored"press.

The SSM debate.if going against the wishes of the vast majority will destroy Democracy in this country and could have unforeseen results in the whole of Europe.The end of the World has been predicted for the 21st of December.The beginning of the end was when we allowed this diabolical,comic-cuts coalition to even get off the ground in the first place.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

the old charletan - the alchemist promising this and that gullible throne sitter they could make gold from not-gold.

looking for some sort of political gold the current throne warmers espouse in their largesse that the 'great institution', for our purposes, gold, should not 'exclude gay people'. Gold/marriage ONE man avowed to ONE woman - hardcore Mormons and Muslims and indeed gays don't have 'right stuff'.

you might get something out of the beauracratic alchemy in redifining gold, but it won't be worth tin I the end.

Remember Percy, 'Look, my Lord...I've made...greeeennn.'

Anonymous said...

An excellent letter - thank you your Lordship.

Given the psychology of the media who hold the monopoly on wider public opinion, it would be a very positive step if we started discussing this U-turn more, thereby allowing the possibility (and its implications) to be thoroughly debated. As well as wetting public expectation, it would also help the Cabinet to measure the potential reaction among various disparate groups, and make it much easier for Cameron to actually implement one. (It now seems clear that the vast majority of Conservatives (whether for or against), already recognise that this, largely Nick Boles inspired policy, was a 'major mistake'.)

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