Thursday, July 13, 2006

Do you like meditation, chanting or singing?

Gregorian Chant, also called Plainchant from the Old French plein chant meaning ‘full singing’, is an age-old tradition of prayer through music. More chant than singing, it is based on the songs in synagogues that Jesus would have sung. In the 7th century A.D., St Gregory the Great was responsible for restoring Chant as it is heard today. It is a means of entering a meditative state closer to God.

EVERY Thursday 7.30 p.m.

in this church

no special ability required
musicians welcome

We use the songbook LIBER CANTUALIS. It is handy to have your own to review at home but not essential as we can share. ISBN 2-85274-040-0

Info: Choirmaster Simon Nicol
07875 374630

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