Friday, July 28, 2006

“When doubts and errors are spread...”

I would like to give every member of our parish a copy of this document - oh that our bishops would produce "a pastoral instruction" like this, because we seem to have the same problems.

The Spanish bishops have produced a diagnosis of the problems of their Church. I think it is splendid, rather than blaming "society" or "secularism" and outside forces they look to their teaching and rather than finding the answer in slick management or cosey communitarianism or congregationalism, they look to Christ and the faith. They see the problem, and the solution as being Christological. They reject false ideas about who and what Jesus Christ is and like the Second Vatican Council, and subsequent Popes they call for a return to the scriptures and to the teaching of the ancient Fathers (bishops) of the Church. They repudiate those who spread doubt and error from within the Church and push a heterodox agenda that distorts the Catholic Truth.

It is in the person of Jesus and of His Blessed Mother, and the centrality of the Church in the Mystery of Salvation, that they see as the source of hope for the future.

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