Friday, May 30, 2008

Abandoned IVF twins

HOSPITAL workers were left stunned after a couple reportedly abandoned IVF twin girls immediately after giving birth because they weren't boys.
The couple of Indian heritage but who are British citizens living in Birmingham told medical staff directly after the Caesarean section delivery they weren't going to accept the girls as they were the "wrong sex".
The Sun reported.
The husband even reportedly asked staff at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton how soon his wife would be fit enough to fly to India to have renewed fertility treatment in an attempt to have boys to carry on the family name.
The couple had undergone IVF treatment in India because with the mother aged 59 and the father a 72-year-old they were deemed too old to undergo the procedure in Britain.
The Sun quotes a source at the hospital as saying: “Everyone is utterly appalled. How could any parent do this?
“This is Britain in the 21st century.
“But they just weren’t prepared to raise these two beautiful girls.”
Female babies are often abandoned and sometimes left for dead or killed in India by traditional families who only value male offspring.
Following the discharge of the mother, who ignored medical advice that she should rest in hospital, the babies have been transferred to another hospital in Birmingham where they have received no visitors.
British authorities have told The Sun they are investigating the matter


Anonymous said...

Quite rightly this item of news has horrified many people. However it is sad to realise that if these two little girls had been aborted before birth there would not have been similar headlines in the newspapers. Their deaths would have gone unannounced.
They have been allowed to live and hopefully will find a loving family who will cherish them.

gemoftheocean said...

The silver lining is that the girls will (one hopes) be adopted by people who aren't Neanderthals and be treated as something better than dirt under these people's fingernails.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's best not to believe the Sun ;o) ever - as usual they appeal to the lowest common denominator!

Thursday May 29 2008
IVF twin baby girls 'not dumped by parents'

An NHS trust today denied that twin baby girls who were conceived through IVF in India were abandoned at a British hospital because their parents wanted boys.

NHS West Midlands said the twins had been transferred from New Cross hospital, Wolverhampton, to another hospital in Birmingham and were regularly visited by their parents.

The trust added that there had been no referral to social services which would be the standard procedure in a case of child abandonment.

An NHS spokeswoman said: "Twin girls were born earlier this month by emergency caesarean section.

"Shortly after birth, the babies were transferred to a unit in Birmingham closer to where their parents live. The parents are visiting their daughters and are attentive to their needs.

"For patient confidentiality reasons, the identity of the family and the babies are not being disclosed. The identity of the hospital is also not being disclosed. We are not aware of a referral to social services."

A spokesman for Birmingham city council confirmed there had been no referral to social services.

West Midlands police also said it had not been aware of the case until it first appeared in today's Sun. A spokeswoman added: "We have no involvement."

Roses and Jessamine said...

"Two [news] stories this week have been disturbing. The first is the Government's plan to provide abortion kits to be used in "non-traditional" settings ... Two different drugs should be taken 48 hours apart, leading to contractions and a miscarriage. The second story is about black twins born to a white couple after IVF treatment."

"One hundred years ago, one woman in 20 died in childbirth. Now we want to choose when and how to have children with the least possible disturbance - a "lifestyle" choice, like choosing a car. What we have forgotten is that conception and birth are amazing events, often out of our control, and technology can do only so much. This is a force of nature, which is what makes it one of the few things left that is truly extraordinary."

Alice Thompson in The Telegraph

nickbris said...

They will it is hoped be getting an invoice.

The elderly sick have to sell their houses to pay for care in a nursing home.

On the side of the angels said...

I don't exactly see why this is so monstrous ?
Two children are alive.
This year 45 million plus will be murdered in the womb, irrespective of the millions flushed away by pills,iuds,patches and abortifacients...and what of those murdered in the laboratory ?
How [even if it's true - if I saw the date written in the corner
of the sun I'd double check elsewhere] is this so barbaric in comparison to the genocide occurring around us ?

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