Thursday, May 08, 2008

Join the National Lobby of Parliament

Human Fertilisation and Embryology (HFE) Bill

see Passion for Life
14th May 2008 - 12.30pm onwards
This is a vital opportunity to tell your MP how strongly you feel about the introduction of;
- Animal/Human hybrid embryos
- ‘Saviour’ siblings
- The removal of Fatherhood
and the other issues in the HFE Bill, including amendments to the abortion law.

Please arrange to meet your MP in Parliament anytime from
12.30pm onwards. We will supply briefings to help inform
your discussion. (NB Even if your MP can’t meet that day,
it’s vital you still come to London to leave cards/letters and
to show your support).

Refreshments, literature and an opportunity to meet pro-life
MPs will all be at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street,
(5 minutes walk from Parliament), from 12.30 until the evening.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to have your say on
this vital issue. Now is the time to arrange transport, book
appointments with MPs and encourage friends and colleagues
to join you in travelling to London.

For further information call 0203 176 0032, or email

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think of putting it to my MP in terms of "how I feel" about the HFE Bill.

I'd prefer to put it in terms of what God says in the teaching of the Catholic Church on the basis that Christ the King will vindicate it at the Last Judgement.

I'd also be inclined to add that Gwyneth Dunwoody MP recently went on her decease on her final ad limina visit to give the Lord an account of her Parliamentary voting record.

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