Sunday, May 11, 2008

Old Bailey records

Diogenies has been lookng at the trials surrounding the Titus Oates plot on the The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, here is an extract:

Daniel Macarty an Irish man being Indicted upon the Statute of 27 Eliz. for having taken Order from the See of Rome, and coming over into England being Impeached by one Alice Turner who had formerly been his proselyte. And upon Information one Mr. Stiff a Constable in St. Giles's taking with him some other Neighbours, went to Apprehend him, and having entred the House where he was said to lodg, They found him Confessing a Sick Woman, who no sooner seeing them begin roughly to handle her Priest but cryed out, O what will you rob me of my Salvation.
That unnamed woman deserves admiration, even four centuries after the fact.

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Michael Clifton said...

The Titus Oates trials reveal several more Catholics who were tried than appear now as martyrs, some imprisoned for long terms others executed but not enough evidence to list them
PS your readers may like to know that your truly Fr Mildew is back in business again from today !!

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