Monday, May 26, 2008

Faith and Reason

found on Creative Minority Report

Fr Robert Barron on the Pope's understanding of teaching on reason. Fr Barron addresses directly the North American experience but in can be easily extrapulated to our own.

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Anonymous said...

I think he makes many good points on faith and reason. I do not find his (or even Pope Benedict's if so) take on secularism (European vs American) very convincing. If you look to the fruits in each area you find the same poison. Whether Europe derides Catholicism openly in contrast to American openess to public expression of religion really makes little difference. What matters is that the Catholic voice can be raised in both places. In Europe we have weak Bishops who refuse to raise their voice in righteous anger to protect their flock and the weak in society. (There are some exceptions but they are so gentle, a little more fire and "woe to you" would not go astray) Likewise, in America. Effectively quite a few Bishops have been captured and silenced in both places. The slaughter of the innocent is as prevalent in America as it is in Europe. Even when voices are raised we are governed not by democratic principles but by a small camp of people masquerading as opponents of one another yet neither offering anything different.

If we consider Hitler's persecutions and the present day persecutions. Hitler forced the slaughter of the innocent , destroyed Churches, murdered priests and religious and stamped on Catholic schools. This new monster creates an environment where people choose to shed innocent blood, choose to abandon faith and the Church, encourage defections/corruption of the priesthood, corrupts Catholic schools. Hitler tried to destroy the body of Catholicism. This monster seeks the destruction of the soul. American/European system differences seem to me to be very superficial considerations when you look to the fruits. I really believe prayer and our Blessed Mother are our only hope on this one.

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