Friday, May 30, 2008

Godhead here in hiding

I took this this afternoon from the back of the church, hence the gloom, so as not to disturb the congregation .

We are going to have Benediction in the Extraordinary Form, hence the additional candles.

Mass will be offered ad orientem later.

Here you can see what the barbarians did in the 70s, the altar was put where the altar rails were and an extra bit added to the sanctuary, hence no room for my feet at the kneeler, no room for a coffin or a bride and groom.Ready for Mass


Cathy said...

Beeeeautiful, Father.

Wish I could be there.

Anonymous said...

Can you not just put the altar rails back and clear the obstruction with a circular saw? Although if it is any consolation your church is so very beautiful anyway it is a minor carbuncle on the face of beauty.

Wish I could be there too.

gemoftheocean said...

Wish I could have gone. Any way of ripping out the front pew and extending the space in the sanctuary by a few feet?

Fr Ray Blake said...

We take away pews for funeral etc but it looks odd. The only answer is a proper restoration job.

PeterHWright said...

Goodness ! The difference an altar frontal makes ! An astonishing improvement. And what a magnificent arrangement for Exposition. With ad orientem Mass too ! Lucky parishioners.

I see however what Father means about the 1970s "improvements". Basically, the table altar is positioned too far forwards, and without the customary steps, so that much of the space in the sanctuary is wasted, so to speak.

Yes, I can see it needs a sympathetic restoration, but the photos look smashing anyway !

the owl of the remove said...

Father - where did you get your antependium? I will need some in my new parish.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Owl, made in-house, very easy - fabric stretch over a frame.
Any upholsterer would do it.

Michael Clifton said...

I am not certain how many candles you are supposed to have for Benediction in the New Rite as I never use that rite but only the old one. In the old rite I understood you need 12. In your church you have far more than that. Please elucidate.

Fr Ray Blake said...

There are 20!
I thought it was at least 12.

New Rite it is supposed to be same as at Mass.

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