Saturday, October 02, 2010

Immaculata on the streets of London

In two weeks time, 16th October there is the annual procession through London from Westminster Cathedral to Brompton Oratory of the Rosary Crusade of Reparation. If you want to take part be outside the Cathedral at 1.45pm.

I know several of my younger parishioners are going up to pray for Our Lady's intercession, and after the Holy Father's visit to witness to their faith on the streets of the Capital.

Why not join them?


pelerin said...

Fr Ray mentions that several of his younger parishioners will be taking part in the Rosary procession. I should just like to say that you don't have to be young to take part! The walk is easily accomplished by all ages and I have joined it several times as a Senior Citizen.

It is a deeply moving experience and one of the few occasions where we can give witness to our Faith in the streets of London. All being well I intend being there again this year.

Kevin said...

Yeah, come on. Put yourselves out a bit. Make it a bigger crowd than ever this year.

Et Expecto said...

In his pastoral letter that followed the Papal visit, Archbishop Vincent Nichols urged Catholics to be more prominent in society and he gave as examples, joining local councils and making the sign of the cross in public.

The Rosary Crusade of Reparation is an ideal opportunity for Catholics, not only to make the sign of the cross, but to recite the whole of the rosary in a very public way.

I don't know whether Archbishop Nichols is intending to join the procession, but I do hope that thousands do take part. Are any parishes in the London area organising any coaches to go to Westminster on 16th October?

Dominic Mary said...

May I echo your suggestion, Fr Ray ?

It's a wonderful occasion, full of love for Our Blessed Lady, and devotion to her, and this year - following the Holy Father's visit - must be a particularly good year for people to attend for the first time.

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