Wednesday, October 06, 2010

British Heresy Trial ~ Coming Soon!

I have just had a very irate Mgr Basil Loftus telephone me to complain about remarks about him in my previous post on the Catholic Press.
As the Monsignor only wanted to rant rather than talk and then put the phone down on me I  will reply to him here and would draw his attention to the note at the foot of the blogroll
Anonymous comments are never published. All comments are the opinions of those who make them they are not necessarily mine
I must admit I have hardly read a word he has written, life is too short, so I am unable to judge whether he is heretical, which is what he objected to. However it does strike me as being extremely odd that someone who writes so freely in the Catholic press, making accusations, apparently, about others and their opinions should object to the opinions of people here and that he should be so high handed in his objections rather than enter into a debate.
The Monsignor threatened to sue me for suggesting that he was a heretic, if the comments were not removed within 7 days, I don't intend to do that. I believe in free speech, with in reason and I rather relish the thought of trial in a British court for heresy.
Possibly the Catholic Times and the Scottish Catholic Observer have realised that people do object to his writing and he fears a loss of earnings which the comments on this blog might lead to. I am sorry if that is the case but I think that is called "market forces". If people aren't buying a newspaper because of a particular writer's views then I suppose the editors would like to know.
I would warn him of course that suing someone might cost a bob or two.

Added later: Perhaps Mgr Loftus or someone else might like to point out where I have made any suggestion about Monsignor, I would certainly welcome his reply to this post or the previous one, or his reply to Fr Clifton's objections to his writings.


Anonymous said...

Please let us know if you open or need a defense fund!

Richard said...

How would he prove that he wasn't a heretic?

Sadly I suspect he would have a few Bishops as expert witnesses.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Ah we all get the we are going to sue you call! As you say though it is rather expensive & usually the case is dropped.Oh di da!

Sue Sims said...

I stopped buying the Catholic Times simply because of Mgr Loftus' column. On several occasions, when his SpiritofVaticanII spin was even more egregiously inaccurate or insulting than usual, I wrote a letter to the paper trying to unspin his claims, but these letters were never published, and in the end I decided that my blood pressure was more important than supporting the Catholic press. (Though I was very sorry to lose Fr Marsden's excellent columns.)

I would, unlike David, hesitate to call him a heretic - but he has drunk too deep of that SpiritofVaticanII mentioned above, and now resents furiously all efforts (as he would see it) to bring back even the smallest smidgeon of tradition.

Patricius said...

I do not know if he is a heretic because when I attempted to read an article of his in the "Catholic Times" I began to sense I was losing the will to live. I cast it aside and am, thankfully, still here!

Sue Sims said...

And of course, if you are sued, you can call on Bd John Henry Newman, who was also sued for libel by the viciously unchaste apostate Giacinto Achilli. Not, I hasten to add,* that Mgr Loftus can be accused either of apostasy or of unchastity.

*I don't want to be sued, either.

Brian Stevens said...

Father Ray,
With all due respect who are you to call someone a heretic, you are not the magesterium? I'm not surprised he's annoyed, it's quite a slur on the reputation on a catholic priest.
Fr Lofty has never called anyone a heretic. You may not like or agree with his theology but you should stick to criticsm rather tahn launching ad hominem attacks. The tradosphere is over-stepping its mark, just look at the awful uncharitable remarks being made about Austen Iverleigh. I think he would have grounds for slander but he's chosen to turn a blind eye. Unfortunately such an attitude just encourages some people to try and push their luck further.

The Bones said...

Hear hear!

georgem said...

You can indeed be sued for libel even if what is written by a third party is true, (but leads to ridicule or loss of reputation), and you publish the comment.
Ridicule and loss of reputation featuring on this blog? Never.
We might all have to be pulped, though.

Fr Ray Blake said...

As I said I have never read anything he has written, I don't know if he is a heretic or not, I made no judgement on the matter.
Heretical opinions, or quoting heretical authors and supporting their views is a little different -but as I say I make no judgement on the matter.
Until a Bishop makes a judgement it is merely an opinion, I suspect some people might hold the same opinion about me - I can live with that. I deny no one the right to hold any opinion.

kiwiinamerica said...

Surely the "spirit" (small "s") of Vatican II was all about empowering the laity. Isn't that what we're always told? Strange then, that when the laity speak up the "spirit of Vatican II" types don't like it. Is it just me or is "empowerment of the laity" meant only for dissenting from Catholic teaching and sowing the seeds of rebellion towards traditional Catholic practice? Say it aint so!

Didn't the Vatican II "springtime" folks realize that empowerment of the laity is a double edged sword and that the laity can also vociferously support traditional Catholicism as well as trash it? Didn't they realize that the laity can also oppose those shepherds who spread false teachings? Or is this some nouveau sort of clericalism whereby we're supposed to stay silent while the wolves run amok amongst the sheep?

The tired old "springtime" shtick has run its course. Isn't shipwreck in the faith to two generations enough? Your churches are empty, vocations have fallen through the floor and people are still parroting this garbage? Enough.

Kumbaya Christianity is dead. At last.

The Raven (C. Corax) said...

I've never read Mgr Loftus' articles, but by declaring that he will sue for libel, I am afraid to say that the good Mgr is acting the fool.

Do let us know if a pre-action letter does appear.

Clare said...

In June, Msgr Loftus had this letter in The Tablet:

The three articles on the tragic case of Sister Margaret McBride's involvement in the recent abortion controversy (The Tablet, 5,June) must encourage all who have been left puzzled. And encouragement must often suffice where enlightenment cannot be had, since in the Church we see only as through a glass, darkly.

I wonder, however, if one further consideration could be explored. Has sufficient thought been given to the possible role of the foetus as an unjust aggressor? The existence of a negative reply from a Roman dicastery is not proof that it has.
Is a victim allowed to take the life of an aggressor in order to save his or her own life, even if the agressor had not formed, or had been unable to form, an aggressive intent? If so, would not a foetus whose objective aggression was threatening the mother's life, be in the same moral/legal position as an unwitting aggressor, or an aggressive child or mentally defective adult?

'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

...sed frater cum fratre iudicio contendit et hoc apud infideles...

Dulles (Magisterium, p. 88) defines heresy as "obstinate denial or obstinate doubt of any doctrine of [divine and] Catholic faith". That is to say "all those truths which are contained in Sacred Scripture and Tradition and which the Church, either by solemn judgement or by her ordinary and universal magisterium proposes for belief as having been divinely revealed" (Vatican I). Examples given by Dulles are the Real Presence, the Marian Dogmas and the voluntary and direct killing of innocent human beings (this latter quoting Ratzinger as Prefect of the CDF).

pelerin said...

I have just gone over to Fr Clifton's blog and you may not be surprised to know that he also has been contacted by the same Mgr. We are all behind you Father Ray!

Richard said...

Brian Stevens, Fr. Blake has not called Mgr Loftus a heretic.

He linked to another blog which may have said that Mgr Loftus had written something heretical (the author of that blog denies it).

However Fr. Blake's post was not about Mgr Loftus but was an example in a more general post lamenting that all the main Catholic newspapers and magazines in this country had been accused of carrying heretical articles.

Therefore his point was not the heresy (or otherwise) of a particular author, but seemed to be about whether the Catholic magazines took sufficient care to ensure that their articles conformed to the Church's teaching.

Basil said...

How sad.

An ordinary PP has such an inflated view of his own importance and abilities that he describes others as heretics.

This is a perfect example of the poisonous fruits Summorum Pontificum is producing with its divisive and fundamentally flawed agenda.

Let us hope Mgr. Loftus proceeds by contacting Bishop Kieran and the Congregation for the Clergy and a proper canonical invesigation is carried out. He should also consider legal proceedings against Ray Blake.

Fr Ray Blake said...

You say of me, "he describes others as heretics".


Sue Sims said...

Er - where did Fr Blake describe Mgr Loftus as a heretic, Basil? And what on earth has any of this to do with Summorum Pontificum? And have you ever read 1 Corinthians 6:1-8?

I wish to avoid hellfire, so I shall repress the epithet which comes to mind when contemplating your post.

The Raven (C. Corax) said...


How sad that an anonymous person commenting on a blog fails to read what a priest has written (the thrust of his comment in this post is that he did not call Mgr Loftus a heretic) and then goes on to talk poisonous nonsense about actions for libel.

Even more sad that you should make an imaginary link between an imagined insult and Summorum Pontificum.

Laura said...

Right behind you Fr Ray.

kiwiinamerica said...


The Monsignor wrote that??
The foetus could be considered an "unjust aggressor"??

Standard liberal MO. Advocate violence or at least attempt to excuse it but then whine and pout when somebody calls you a heretic.

Somebody call the precious Monsignor a waaaaaahmbulance and get him a lawyer while you're at it. After he's finished laying siege to the unborn, he's going to sue your a**.

I think it's time for a new Inquisition. Seriously.

Pat Doyle said...

I think Basil (Loftus) is bullying you Father, be steadfast.

He was a bully when he was our PP in Bentham and obviously hasn't changed.

Paul said...

Surely if he is serious he should raise an action in your Diocesan Tribunal rather than going to civil court? Canons 220 and 1390 seem to cover this situation quite clearly.

gemoftheocean said...

Go ahead, Basil. Bring it. My money's on Fr. Blake, as you obviously couldn't parse a sentence to save your soul.

And you call yourself a writer!

[Man up, already, ya big wuss. Try not to sound like a hysterical weak sister.]

pelerin said...

Just been reading the comments on the Catholic Truth Scotland website re Mgr Loftus articles, written in October 2008. That's two years ago! There were 103 comments before it was closed. One does describe the Mgr as a 'heretic priest' (which you Fr Ray have never done) and another says 'he can be quite nasty if confronted and is known to threaten to sue anyone who crosses him.' Does anyone know how many people he has threatened to sue so far?

I understand he is elderly so perhaps a little confused these days but why do these newspapers keep on publishing what he writes? I have seen his articles described on various websites as garbage, rubbish, claptrap and (I like this one!) balderdash.

pelerin said...

I presume that Mgr Loftus no longer has a parish and merely preaches to those who read his articles. What is perhaps more worrying is the existance of Priests in charge of parishes who seem to be at odds with the Church.

There is one in particular who had better remain anonymous as I don't wish to be sued either who has both a parish and a blog. He recently wrote 'In ages past a simplistic understanding of 'Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my Church' may have once served its purpose but no longer.'

Regarding the Pope's visit he wrote 'sorry it all left me cold.' Earlier he had written that 'he was pleased he would be out of the country when the visit took place.'

The few commenters he seems to have all call him by his first name which he obviously prefers - no respectful 'Fr' here - and one commenter recently pointed readers to 'Standup4Vatican II' which I believe supports what is termed 'the spirit of Vatican II' and not the actual Vatican II itself. It all makes for depressing reading but I occasionally go to it hoping to find he has had a change of heart.

JARay said...

I'm with "Pastor emeritus" on this. Please let us know if you open a defence fund. I would be more than happy to contribute. I was at school with the said Basil, we were even in the same class at one time! As for your poster under the name of Basil, I did wonder if he was actually one and the same person, but your poster denied it, so it seems that they are two different (but somehow similar) people.

videomaker said...

Basil refers to the "poisonous fruits [of] Summorum Pontificum". Sounds like a great name for a band. I'm thinking something a bit glam rock, tongue-in-cheek camp (hence "fruits"), but orthodox, charitable, and extremely groovy.

More seriously, writers who threaten to sue anyone who criticises their writings should consider a change of career. If you don't want your views subjected to scrutiny - especially when they're as ridiculous as, say, implying that foetuses might be classed "aggressors" - then you probably shouldn't be presenting your thoughts to the public in the first place.

Prayers for Fr Blake and Msgr Loftus.

stopbeingstupid said...

I very much hope that this is an empty threat.

@gemoftheocean - play nice. Love thy neighbour etc. I'm not judging you, just giving you friendly advice.

@Basil - as others have said, Fr. Ray did not at any point make any accusation of heresy, and none of this has anything to do with Summorum Pontificum.

Joshua said...

If anything comes of these threats from the good Monsignor (and they sound like idle threats to me), then rest assured of the support, including financial, from all over, just as others have said.

georgem said...

An "ordinary" PP, dear Basil? Only if you regard such as a "presider" rather than in persona Christi. Tsk. Tsk.
As a member of the laity empowered by V2 I, and many others, regard Fr. Blake as a rather extraordinary PP.

George Crichton Stuart said...

Silly Basil! Wind and water threats.
However just in case, a £2,000 cheque in the post tomorrow, use it if you need it, otherwise destroy it, there will more if you want it.

I think it might be worth some of us sending copies of the Monseigneuri's letters and articles to the CDF and Congregation for the Clergy.

Jim said...

Oh, do please let us know the time and place of the court action dear Father Ray! There'll be such a scramble for seats that we'll have to watch that poor old Basil doesn't get knocked over in the scrum. I guess that there'll be more Ray supporters.....

Brian Stevens said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
R. J. S. said...

Best wishes, Father. I believe that the technical theological term for blustering heavies is "big girls' blouses."

Hughie said...

"Fr" John Hunwicke SSC, Anglican priest-in-charge of St John the Martyr, Oxford, and formerly Head of Theology at Lancing College, Sussex, commented on his blog(Fr Hunwicke's Liturgical Notes)about Mgr Basil Fawlty almost exactly a year ago, on 12 October 2009.

He wrote: "I have just read, in an old RC newspaper passed on to me by my Head Server, a piece by someone called "Mgr Basil Loftus". In it he defines the Eucharistic role of the priest as to "animate and energise" the congregation.

"As a poor schismatic, I know nothing about RC Theology. So of course I have to accept that this is in fact what the Council of Trent defined as sacerdotium. But it seems curiously like what we Anglicans would call "Extreme Low Church Nonsense".

"Does this gentleman really hold a celebret from a validly consecrated bishop in full communion with the See of Rome? He would surely be much happier in the C of E. Should I offer to meet him secretly, in some sleazy pub somewhere, so that we can swap celebrets - and jobs? (But he can't have my wife.)

"But, on reflexion, No. The congregation at S Thomas's would lynch him before he'd finished animating and energising them in the Asperges."

Said congregation, needless to say, being what we devout members of the West of Sctland Branch of the Irish Catholic Drooth Society would technically label as Proddies.

"Fr" Hunwicke, his faith in the Catholic Church somewhat shaken, ruefully concludes: "And can anyone explain to me what "Mgr" means? I thought it was something rather up-market, because for more than fifty years I have maintained an acquaintance with a very splendid priest called Mgr Anthony Stark. His churchmanship is much more sound. Now I have to assimilate the fact that he is presumably in cahoots with this "Loftus" chappie.

"What a dark, mysterious, frightening body the Church of Rome is."

But it would be far less so had but any one of a trinity of Leeds bishops -- Wheeler, Konstant, Roche -- done the decent thing and called Mgr Basil to account for his faulty writings.

Anagnostis said...

Baz certainly does have "form". I remember a discussion on the Universe forum, on one of his more egregious pieces, which culminated in a torrent of abuse against various lay contributors - delivered via the editor, of course, Baz being far too grand actually to enter any conversations personally with the likes of them.

The poster who identified the typical "liberal MO" has it dead right: clericalism, bullying, intolerance, uncharity, hypocrisy, cowardice. You couldn't make it up.

Independent said...

1 Peter 5, 8-9. Fratres: Sobrii estote, et vigilate: quia adversarius vester diabolis tamquam leo rugiens circuit, quaerens quem devoret: cui restite fortes in fide.

Anonymous said...

You have my prayers Father, on this feast day of Our lady of the Rosary.

Fr. A.M.

Delia said...

Well, if it makes people think 'what is truth?', then the affair will have served a purpose. But I hope it doesn't get any nastier.

Michael Clifton said...

Ray and others.I have now deleted the words that Lofty considered offensive and threatened to sue Me over. Ray never called Lofty a hereatic. All I said originally was that one statement about the emphasis in the Masss as having moved away from the In Persona Christi approach to regarding the Mass as a gathering of #Catholics to praise ~God could be regarded as proximate toheresy in the sense that he wrote . Hence my statement on my blog Fr Mildew today. He wrote of this as a seimic shift in theology .

me said...

"Is a victim allowed to take the life of an aggressor in order to save his or her own life, even if the agressor had not formed, or had been unable to form, an aggressive intent? If so, would not a foetus whose objective aggression was threatening the mother's life, be in the same moral/legal position as an unwitting aggressor, or an aggressive child or mentally defective adult?"

I was in that position, with my last pregnancy. The little aggressor turned fourteen, last June. I'm still here too. What tosh!
Let us know what you need Father. If I've got it, it's yours. God bless and protect you.

Augustine said...

I hope that When Mgr Loftus reads these comments he will realise that he has been rather a silly billy. Anyway, Fr Ray, if he does carry out his absurd threats we will all contribute to your defence fund. I find it all ridiculous but at the same time depressing.

pelerin said...

Me too Shadowlands - and my little 'agressor' is now saving lives with the London Fire Brigade and will soon be 35! Deo Gratias.

Sharon said...

How does a priest get to be an Msgr?

Patrick Lennon said...

''The poster who identified the typical "liberal MO" has it dead right: clericalism, bullying, intolerance, uncharity, hypocrisy, cowardice. You couldn't make it up.''

On the other hand, these descriptions also seem to fit bloggers on the tradosphere extremely well too.

Dominic Mary said...

I don't think Mgr Loftus has a hope of succeeding in a British Court, for all sorts of reasons . . . and just for fun I shall explain them in a post asap !

SPQRatae said...

There's no intolerance like liberal intolerance.

This is just bullying, plain and simple. And the best way to deal with bullies is to stand your ground.
Shame on you, Mgr Loftus!

Veronica said...


''I was in that position, with my last pregnancy. The little aggressor turned fourteen, last June. I'm still here too. What tosh!''

It was also the position of my sister who sadly did die while giving birth pematurely, leaving behind three children for her husband to bring up alone. I have to confess that her husband and family wish she had given greater consideration to what the doctors were saying.

Please excuse me not giving my full name, Father.

The Raven (C. Corax) said...

I think that Fr Tim has shot the good Mgr's fox:

On the side of the angels said...

a] Lofty stated the mass was a re-enactment [of the sacrifice on calvary]. There is but one sacrifice in which we participate at the consecration - we return to calvary and participate in ONE sacrifice.[Diachronicity of Grace - otherwise how could Lofty explain the Real Presence at the Last Supper?]
Lofty's 're-enactment' is a protestant heresy.

b] Lofty , by default and omission axiomatically compels us to conclude that the laity con-celebrate as a collective within the mass and perform the consecration on an ontological level with the Priest. That is heresy !

Now nobody is calling Lofty a heretic - that's the job of Holy Mother Church - but a priest is most definitely obliged to defend and uphold the teaching authority of his Ordinary AND his normative ordinary, His Holiness by denouncing heresy and countering it with orthodox magisterial teaching on the issue.

Not only that - EVERY Catholic is canonically obliged through their baptismal mandate to acknowledge and counter heresy.

Lofty states he's being defamed.

Yet through Lofty's article the Holy Spirit is being defamed; together with the ontologically unique sacerdotal priesthood and the grace within its sacramental nature.

Father : It really is out of your hands now - the teaching authority of your Ordinary and His Holiness are being impugned.

If Lofty wants a canonical tribunal and thinks justice can be thwarted by sympathetic ears within it ; might he be reminded that it's not merely Bishop Conry's teaching authority [via your illustrious self] being brought into question - it's also the teaching authority of your normative Ordinary: i.e. His Holiness !

Could you envisage a second British Papal visit with His Holiness as a defence witness?

It really is a question of 'Bring it on' . It's not merely freedom of speech , if you're now silenced by court injunction this becomes very, very big ; shall we book tickets for the Old Bailey? Who likes salty and who likes sweet popcorn?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Brian Stevens,
I think that Mgr Loftus might object to one of your comments strongly, it takes expressions commonly regarded as expressing weakness and turns them into something else.
You other comment I suspect was meant for another blog.


PLEASE can we use the man's correct name!

Fr Ray Blake said...

Brian Stevens,
I have removed your previous comment regarding Mr England and will not publish anymore of your comments.
They have nothing to do with this post.
They belong on his blog not mine, be kind enough to address them to him there.
I am not a regular reader of his blog, your accusations seem so outlandish he might want to contact his legal adviser, so do leave your correct name and an address.

Diffal said...

@Pelerin - Mgr Loftus occasionally does supply in various parishes through-out the U.K. I have had the “Pleasure” of attending one of his Masses in my parish (I am being intentionally vague as I don’t fancy a lawsuit) and having heard the odd sermon and seen the occasional rubric actually being followed, had Fr. Ray actually suggested what he is incorrectly accused of saying, he wouldn’t be far wrong.

@Fr. Ray - Should you need a defence fund at all Fr. , or a material witness for that matter, I would gladly sign up!

Fr Ray Blake said...

Brian Stevens,
I will not publish any of your comments, they are ravings and should be addressed to the person concerned.
The sentence structure, vocabulary etc seems similar to nonsense I have read in the Catholic Times over the last couple of days!

Anagnostis said...

Of course, from my point of view, you're ALL heretics. So sue me. :o)

Antonio said...

Feelings mutual Moretben

Fr Ray Blake said...

Moretben, I think we would all accuse you of being not only a heretic but schismatic and the less charitable, even worst.

Anagnostis said...

Dear me, Father! "Offense inflation" indeed! The intent of my earlier post was teasing and affectionate. I apologise to anyone who did take genuine offense. Whatever the views of the "less charitable" (and yes, I'm very familiar with them by now), according to your own canons, I'm nothing "worse" than "schismatic"; whereas, as you know, Orthodoxy regards Roman Catholicism as essentially and intrinsically heretical. That's why the attainment of "unity" is not the simple matter most RC's suppose. I'm sorry if that's news to anyone: it's hundreds of years old, and there's no point in getting steamed up about it.

We're all far too free with the "H" word, probably. A heretic is somebody who hatches, or latches onto, a novel theory or narrative, insists that it's the Tradition, and then divides the Church over it. That's the context within which to view such assertions as (for example) the Church having been functionally monophysite since the Council of Nicaea.

To Patrick Lennon - yes, the Tradosphere quite often resembles a grace-free zone; however there is a particular piquancy to liberal hypocrisy - a level of self-unawareness that really takes the breath away. Mgr Loftus's oeuvre is vintage stuff in this respect. Down with clericalism! Up with the sensus fidelium! - which is, in case you're wondering, wherever our elite clerical cadre says it is, and we'll sue the a**e off whoever says otherwise. Oh, my sides...

Fr Ray Blake said...

A much loved old schismatic: we nust have coffee sometime soon.

Orthodox said...

Reverend and Dear Father Blake,

A note from Johnannesburg, South Africa to inform you of my steadfast support and affiliation to your cause. In Honesty, I read the comments posted here and came to the one which directly impunes the Holy Father's moto proprio, 'Summorum Pontificum' as being Poisionous -

I am glad we can suffer for Truth's sake. Just yesterday I stated on Facebook and quite proudly so that the belief's held by a particular indevidul are heretical top say the least.

I am a proud Catholic! I stand next to you, let them bring it on!

Thank you for being an example to us youth of what it is to be a priest.

I pray that you may be assisted and supported in this fight for the Truth of our Faith, by the intercession of St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher who suffered much like you are now.

In Christ and our Good Mother

Calvin James Montgomery
South Africa

Anagnostis said...

I look forward to it, Father. Communio in starbucks!

Zephyrinus said...

Dear Fr Blake. I stand with you and the Catholic Church. in Domino.

Zach Talbot said...

Why is the old fool whinging, he put his damn silly views in the public forum - why should he be surprised people object so strongly?

Rather than complain to the CT's editor, Loftus' mate, we should write to the Trustees: anyone know who they are?

Sadie Vacantist said...

The incident reveals that Mgr Loftus is spending his time in retirement reading Catholic blogs. I would have thought this to be a miserable experience for someone of his age and predisposition.

Very strange.

Sadie Vacantist said...

Please Father can we set up a fund to take on this priest in the event of legal action? If the Bishops refuse to do anything about him then perhaps we can.

michael addison said...

Dear Rev Fr Blake,
Thank God we have still such good Catholic and Othodox Priests as your Good Self! I am sure The Lord, Our Lady, St Joseph, St Pius X, St John Vianney, St Bede, Your Own Gaurdian Angel and the Whole Court of Heaven must be proud of you This Day! Do not worry yourself about these Modernist Priests who are here today and gone tomorrow, They are a complete waste of space also!

(Jarra Lad)

Clare said...

Fr Ray, I tried to send you an e-mail about this the other day, but it came back to me as unable to send. Is your e-mail working?

Clare said...

I re-sent the e-mail a little while ago, Father.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Others have got through, are you using the correct address?

Anonymous said...

Free speech is all well and good. However, In the spirit of charity Fr. Ray I think you should remove posts that are disrespectful. Especially the ones that refer to Mgr. Loftus as an 'old fool' and others that refer to him as 'Lofty.'and portray him as a figure of fun.
Whatever the issues between you two, it should not have been played out in the public forum. Retired though he maybe, Mgr. Basil Loftus is a cleric,and he should be afforded respect.
To rob him of that respect by publishing these posts on your blog where he has little opportunity to defend himself, is a poor reflection of what our priesthood has become.

Fr Ray Blake said...

With the threats of suings, I think that it is best nothing at all is deleted.

Mulier Fortis said...

"Whatever the issues between you two, it should not have been played out in the public forum. Retired though he maybe, Mgr. Basil Loftus is a cleric,and he should be afforded respect."

Galgani, it is a shame that Mgr. Loftus has omitted to show such respect for Fr. Clifton - even to the extent of refusing to accept his (Fr. Clifton's) apology.

Martin said...

We support you Father. I think it would be pretty cool to have a heresy trial. Keep blogging and don't be afraid of the dissenters! (I can say dissenter, can't I? It's kind of like that other word...)

Jay said...

"Basil said...How sad.

An ordinary PP has such an inflated view of his own importance and abilities that he describes others as heretics.

This is a perfect example of the poisonous fruits Summorum Pontificum is producing with its divisive and fundamentally flawed agenda.

Let us hope Mgr. Loftus proceeds by contacting Bishop Kieran and the Congregation for the Clergy and a proper canonical invesigation is carried out. He should also consider legal proceedings against Ray Blake."

How wrong... - pointing out views proximate to heretical or heretical is a duty of every good priest who cares about salvation of souls. How easy it is to deceive and be deceived if no one dare to say a word. It is all about salvation, and it is most important than anything else. Bravo Fr Blake and others, do not be afraid. And by the way, I have also stopped to support Catholic newspapers because of some columnists and their deceiving writings.

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