Monday, October 18, 2010

Pope to Seminarians

Today the Pope has written a letter to seminarians.


pelerin said...

What a beautiful letter the Pope has written to Seminarians. It is interesting to see his encouragement for what he calls 'popular piety'.

johnf said...

I agree. It's a wonderful letter straight from the heart.

When I was in the civil service, we would have from time to time a letter from the top civil servant of the department. The letters were invariably ignored by everyone. No-one felt that these were anything but form letters, full of platitudes. And in all fairness, it is very hard to write to a multitude without slipping into exhortations and generalities.

But with the letter from the Holy Father one feels that he has thought deeply over every word and understands. It is so inspiring.

God Bless our Holy Father!

Kay said...

I thought the pope's letter to seminarians was deeply personal and encouraging. I hope that seminarians really feel his support and are strengthened by it.

I loved what he said about prayer.

We are so blessed to have this wise and holy man as our shepherd in these times. I hope we have him for many more years.

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