Thursday, April 19, 2012

Furness Abbey Crozier Find

Crozier The BBC reported the finding of a 12th cent(?) crozier and ring in a grave at Furness Abbey


pelerin said...

It is amazing how artifacts like this are still being uncovered after so many centuries.

This one interests me particularly as I now wonder if anything similar was once lying under the kitchen floor of the house in which I spent my first year of life. The house had once been part of a monastery.

Many years later I learnt that after my parents and I moved away the most recent part of the house, the Victorian kitchen, was demolished and under the floor were discovered the remains of several abbots. It appears that the kitchen had been built on top of the monastery cemetery. I remember mentioning it to the Priest who was instructing me at the time and he said that perhaps I had been influenced by their prayers. I like to think so.

Pablo the Mexican said...

When I went to the Alamo in Texas, USA, the site of the Freemason Americans versus Mexican Catholics war, I completely forgot it was a Catholic Mission.

I entered, and was hit with the presence of the altar where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass had been said (the Freemasons removed the altar).

As I knelt before the altar, I could feel Roman Catholic Priests were there, also.

I prayed the Rosary, and went outside.

A Freemason Security Guard walked by and spat at my feet.

I stood up, adjusted the crucifix on my chest, and made the sign of the cross.

I figured if I was going to offend the Americans, I might as well go all the way.

(later I learned five Priests had been interred directly below the spot where I knelt to pray the Rosary).


George said...


Do you have your history correct?

Santa Anna was a revolutionary and a dictator. I'm fairly certain he was a Freemason, also.

And, he murdered over 300 prisoners of war at the conclusion of the Battle of the Alamo, correct?

Not really someone I'd call a champion of the Faith.

Pablo the Mexican said...

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna is buried at Tepeyac Hill, in Mexico City.

Many of us suspect he was a Freemason, but without having his credentials we cannot for certain declare this as absolute fact.

He ordered the execution of 400 men to take place on Palm Sunday.

Hardly the act of a Roman Catholic; this would also have put him on the outs with his Lodge Brothers.

There are so many lies told the only one you can for certain believe is the Holy Mother.

I have never called him a champion of the Faith.

I don't think we would have been drinking buddies either.

Of this I am certain:

Freemasons know absolutely and without mental reservation there is a God, He is Triune, the Holy Mother, the Angels and the Saints exist.

They just hate them.

They accept Lucifer as their God.


I stated the Mexican Catholics War: I meant it to recognize we had traitors.


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