Friday, April 06, 2012


God could have reconciled mankind to himself by  a thought
but he chose to do it by giving us infinite value.
To redeem me he chose to give away his Only Begotten.
Oh Infinite, the value he places on me.
He gave away His own Son to purchase me!
I am the God Ransomed!

We are Divinely bought,
The Human Race, from our beginning to our end has today Infinite value.
Each infant, each drunk, each mother,
each murderer, each rapist, each hater,
each mad beggar, each boring fool, each oaf, each lout.
Each is of Infinite value, more precious even than the only Son of God.
Each dearly bought by iron nail and wood, blood and spittle, torn flesh and tormented Deity
There is no cheap, worthless humanity under the the shadow of the Cross,
or in the Divine Heart...

... nor in the true Christian heart.


Paddy said...

Very appropriate poem for today - I don't recognise it ... who is the author?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Father, Thank you, they are the notes for my sermon, I suppose I'm the author.

Paddy said...

In which case, well done!

Anonymous said...

That is so comforting and , at the same time , challenging ! Thank you.



Fr Ray,
A Happy Blessed and Holy Easter to You and All your Readers-The Lord Has Truly Risen Alleluia Alleluia!

Mary Pettifor said...


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for that poem - very profound especially that last verse. A blessed Easter season to you, and thankyou again for your blog.
[Valerie, NZ]

Michael Clifton said...

The article is excellent but you selectged the Grunewald Christ on the Cross from the Issenheim altarpiece at Colmar today. A great painting but many Catholic commentators say it is a"protestant work" in showing a certain amount not just of agony but of despair

Jeremiah Methuselah said...

Very many thanks for this impressive reflection Father Blake.

And, due respect to Fr Michael, but Protestants get things right about Our Lord quite often, let's welcome that fact, rather than quibble. It's my own idea of true oecumenism. I see no despair, but sorrow and pain.

Pablo the Mexican said...

Mexican proverb:

"Que Dios nos agarre confessados."


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