Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Pray don't Prattle

I was sent this, a nice little reminder of the importance of prayer in the Sacred Triduum.

Part two is here.


Pablo the Mexican said...

I could not get part two from your blog but it is here:

Panhrestos has some very good videos besides this one.

The Visit of Christ seems interesting.

Thank you for the link.


Pablo the Mexican said...


May the Mother of Mercy take you by the hand and guide you to Calvary as she did one other Priest:

Saint John of the Cross.


John Fisher said...

Father..What a beautiful gift!
Thank You

mikesview said...

Thanks for that, Father. Even I was rendered speechless . Humbled too. Let's pray for Russia.

mikesview said...

Pablo - if you click on the video to start part 1, and control bar comes up, containing volume etc controls. Look towards the right hand end of this bar and you will see a little icon labelled 'YouTube video'. Click on that and you will get a selection of videos. Click on (I think) the top left picture to get part two. Hope this helps. Happy Easter!

Pablo the Mexican said...


Happy Easter as well.

Thank you for the info...

sometimes, living out here in Coyote and Rattlesnakeland, our Internet does some weird things.

Your advice was just what I needed and much appreciated.

Que Dios te bendiga.



Delia said...

Thank you very much for posting this Father. It gave me a lot of much needed comfort and encouragement.

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