Sunday, November 26, 2006

Background to Turkey

There is some very good stuff on Against the Grain on the Papal visit to Turkey.
It is plain that the Pope is going to a place where he is hated as is the Ecumenical Patriarch, the placard shows the Pope and the Patriarch as a double headed serpent on an Orthodox crozier. The book is the current Turkish bestseller about the assassination of the Pope.
It is important we pray, and pray hard for the Pope's safety and for the success of the vist.

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Paulinus said...

The Italian godfather of my eldest boy (he was the obvious choice) tells me that even growing up in Northern Scotland, the traditional way to scare Italian kids was to say "If you don't behave, the Turks will come and take you away". Enough to risk the wrath of a social worker on all sorts of levels these days but in the light of these pictures, a point is made.