Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Coronation Pictures Anniversary

Father Sean has some splendid pictures from a video of the Coronation of Pope John XXIII. I am glad he put them on his site at this time of year because it reminds of a singular act of kindnes on his part.
Nine years ago a great friend of ours Fr Michael Sewell died whilst on holiday with me in Istambul on 19th November, 1997 . Fr Sean collected me from the airport we went back to his place, I really didn't want to talk or watch a secular video or anything and so he suggest that I might enjoy watching this extra-ordinary video of the Coronation, with some very good cognac and hot chocolate. Today is the anniversary of my first seeing it.
I have had a devotion to the Blessed Pope ever since.
Say a prayer for Michael, and his mother who died a few months after him.

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Pastor in Valle said...

Dear Fr Ray,
Michael is in my mind, too, these days. Sunday was his anniversary, of course. Glad you like the pics. More to follow.