Monday, November 27, 2006

That Blair woman again

Now it looks as if she is getting herself onto the Pontifical Council for Sciences, obviously people don't know her as we do, have a look at what Joanna Bogle has to say, look at Fr Tim Finnigan

"I have an enduring soft spot for the Virgin Mary"....
She added: "I passionately believe there is no more important role in life than motherhood. I admire her self-sacrifice, her ability to accept God's will and her trust in Him."
However, Mrs Blair admits she has doubts about the Church's position on the role of women, and says she chose to study law to annoy the nuns at the convent where she was educated.

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Anonymous said...

Father,can you please remove the picture of this dreadful woman,I find it an occasion of sin or then again righteous anger and indignation.

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