Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Christmas" stamps

These are the new Christmas stamps, not a sign of Christ among them.
I think it would be rather splendid if some leading churchmen suggested we didn't buy them but asked for ordinary plain stamps. I am surprised they don't have "Happy Winterval" on them. The Anglican Archbishop of York recently spoke about the marginalisation of Christianity, these are one example.
They are offensive, if we let the Post Office get away with it this year, anything that suggests faith will be off of them forever,
let's boycott the horrible things!


Physiocrat said...

They don't look like proper stamps anyway, more like play stamps, of no philatelic value.

Anonymous said...

Father, don't you recall that as a result of a vigorous campaign led by that Scottish Cardinal last year, Royal Mail eventually caved in and said that they would alternate by issuing stamps with a Christian focus one year, and secular the next. (Prior to that they had intended to issue stamps with a secular theme alone, so as not to offend those who were not Christian). Hence I bought an excess amount of the beautiful stamps they issued last year.

I hope people do boycott this set, and stockpile two years worth in 2007. I also hope that people write to Royal Mail, to tell them how unfair this policy is.

Anonymous said...

I started asking for 'plain' stamps some years ago if the Christmas stamps that year weren't Christian.

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