Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Nativity Story

The trailer looks decidedly saccharine, one to miss I think.

The first feature film ever scheduled to premiere at the Vatican is causing controversy because the Virgin Mary is played by a pregnant, unmarried teenager.
"The Nativity Story" stars 16-year-old Keisha Castle-Hughes, who is expecting her first child in the spring.
Castle-Hughes will not be attending Sunday's premiere of the film, and neither will the pope, who is preparing for an upcoming visit to Turkey, The Times of London reported.
Some Christian groups in the United States and Canada reportedly have been questioning Castle-Hughes's "suitability" to play the role of Mary. But Castle-Hughes told sources she was "thrilled" to be pregnant, The Times said. The father is her 19-year old boyfriend of three years.
"The Nativity Story," which follows the trials of Mary and Joseph, is aimed at the Christmas market after the surprising success of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" three years ago, The Times reported
Castle-Hughes became well-known in 2002 when she was nominated for an Oscar for her starring role in "The Whale Rider."

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df said...

Looks v. protestant to me. Anne seems to scold her, but I think that the great saint Anne would have known that her sinless daughter would not have sinned.
The Annunciation is badly translated "you have found favour (or more likely, favor) with God".
Mary seems to be having labour pains...
Don't like it.

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