Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hagia Sophia

The Holy Father will visit Hagia Sophia, the Great Church of Constantinople this afternoon. This Church built by Constantine was the at the centre of life of Eastern Empire, after the Islamic invasion of Mehmet II it was turned into a Mosque, few fragments of mosaics exist in the galleries showing a tiny glimpse of its past glory, any other sign of Christ was removed. After the coupe of the secularist Attaturk it was turned into a museum. Now it is an empty sad building.

Legend has it that Christ will return on Easter Day when the Divine Liturgy is celebrated again

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Pastor in Valle said...

Most think that those mosaics were removed in an act of deliberate defilement, and in some cases this is probably true. However into the twentieth century, while it was still a mosque, it was still possible to get souveniers of Hagia Sophia, fragments of mosaic which would be chipped off for you by your obliging guide. This had been going on for centuries.