Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Timber and the hole

This morning after Mass we moved the altar, again. The base is quite light, the mensa took ten of us to move it.

The timber for the santuary floor levels arrived on two trucks , one bringing the plywood and the other bringing the massive beams.

Here the floor is removed

Below the sanctuary is a treasure trove of old bits and pieces, light fittings pictured here, but when more of the floor is removed we hope to find bits of the pulpit. ~#


gemoftheocean said...

Gee, whiz, Fr. I hope your Church isn't like Westminster Abbey where you might find a body or two down there! IIRC some poor soul was stood upright because they didn't want him taking up too much space or something. Of course I expect you'll find some bones of a dead rat or two down there, but that's about par for the course.

It must be like being around an archeological dig site!

shadowlands said...

It's a good job your gaffa is a Carpenter Father,I hope you invoke His expertise on all these wooden activities.Ask and you shall receive,after all!
I remember looking round at tasks needing doing,requiring expert carpenter advice and I said out loud,"Oh Lord,what would you know?"
I got a stern firm reminder of just who He was on earth,regarding wood!

Henry said...

There are paint finishes these days which are durable on floors - possibilities include parquet or simulated marble - we could even have the Westminster Abbey floor shown in The Ambassadors

The artist who did our Lady Chapel altar could probably do it, given the right materials and careful supervision