Sunday, October 11, 2009

Damian of Molakai will be canonised today

A priest friend of mine was a little hurt when one of his parishioners met the bishop who asked who her parish priest was, at the mention of his name he rolled his eyes heavenward. Archbishop Amigo, the wartime Archbishop of Southwark, appointed a priest he found troublesome as an army chaplain, with the words, "and personally I hope you get shot."

Fr Damian de Veuster was this type of priest, when he volunteered to go to the leper colony of Molakai his superiors, I am sure, breathed a sigh of relief.

Today this troublesome priest will be canonised as St Damian of Molakai, there are some interesting videos here.


Michael Clifton said...

I never heard that amecdote about Abp Amigo and I wrote his biography including many anecdotes.
I hope that priest chaplain was not my old PP Fr Terence Quinlan who had a sister a nun at Upper Beeding.

shadowlands said...

God love the Bishops,and forgive us our worldly vanity in needing their approval and nod.They need our prayers so much, as they doubt their own worthiness to keep hold of their titles.The hassles the devil must send the Bishops. I bet he has them top of the list to attack,so their defects of character appear magnified. They need our Rosaries too.They are Our Lady's Son's no less than Her Priests.
I think I need to start specific Bishop prayers!