Thursday, October 01, 2009

Empire State is Red and babies are drowned in buckets

The Empire State Building has been lit up with red lights. Labour Government ministers are hurrying from Brighton to London for a splendid banquet. Today Beijing has been closed and taken over for a great military parade, the people of the city have been advised to stay home and watch it on television. The reason for all of these festivities is the 60th anniversary of Communist China.

My house has a constant stream of illegal immigrants visiting the basement. One day one of the helpers came up to see, she was very distressed: torture and rape are common place for them to hear about. She just seen a Chinese woman who had fled her home and her first child because when she was about to give birth to her second child she was taken to hospital, she was left to give birth by herself, I am not going to go into all the details here but the child was born, when it cried a "midwife" came in and took the child, a boy, away to the next room. After a few minutes she returned and said the child was dead, she handed over the dead body, its head and shoulders were wet. After the midwife left, the mother went into the room there she found a bucket half filled with water, the baby had been drowned.
I have met several Chinese women who claim they have had forced abortions in the eighth ninth month. When are our great feminist leaders going to stand up for Chinese women's rights to give birth, let alone for Chinese children to have the right to life?

Still in China bishops and priests are imprisoned, torture and imprisonment are commonplace, civil rights are trampled on and the governments of the West do nothing!


Bill of L.A. said...

What a disgrace.

May the red symbolize the blood of millions.

George said...

"the governments of the West do nothing"!

On the contrary Fr Ray the governments of the West do so much for the Chinese 'people'.

Our governments export their great depopulation propaganda backed up by sending over dozens of FPA and IPPF contraception and abortion 'experts' together with all the 'tools' of the trade, to teach the Chinese authorities how to contracept and abort their own people out of existence!

By all accounts they are very successful at it, so much so as to have messed up their demographic profile to disastrous effect, which will have serious economic and social repercussions for generations to come - which is exactly what the West wants.

Terry Nelson said...

With Obama in office - this should become our new iconic symbol in the US.

me said...

Father,these reports overwhelm me as one person. I keep thinking that as bloggers we report on terrible goings on in the world,which depresses the senses,but my spirit says we should be praying as a blogging body.You have nearly eighty followers for example,and they also have followers.If we could only set up a time and space to pray as a united people,say once a week wherever we happen to be. Faith filled prayer will break down walls and kingdoms of darkness.I am just throwing ideas onto the table.It just seems a shame to waste the opportunity to engage in prayer as a community of believers.I don't know how this could be set up,but I bet it could. Perhaps St Therese would watch over us,her missionary bloggers! I'm probably rambling.......but how about a bloggers novena?

"Behold, I stand at the door and knock".

gemoftheocean said...

Thank you so much for highlighting this. I'd seen the article regards the empire state building being lit up in the Chinese colors and was appalled.

As far as the feminazis standing up for women who used their "pro-choice" to stand up for women to make the choice to bear the child, forget it. They are the biggest hypocrites on planet earth.

Adulio said...

Still in China bishops and priests are imprisoned, torture and imprisonment are commonplace, civil rights are trampled on and the governments of the West do nothing!

The Cardinal Kung foundation has complained for years on end of conciliatory Rome has been (and still is) to the Patriotic "Catholic" church in China. seminarians are even trained in America with the help of money from Catholic charities. It's the same story of sell-out that has been the position of Rome to Communists since Paul VI's Osteopolitik.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Shadowlands, That sounds like a good idea. I say the the Leonine Prayers for China when I say the EF Mass.

me said...

Fr Ray said

That sounds like a good idea.

Ok then Father,you write it and we'll pray it! (the novena,that is)

Michael Petek said...

Never underestimate China.

Ever since Europeans discovered the place, China has stood as an object lesson in the inconvenient truth that you can in fact build an enduring and successful civilisation without God and without Christ. In contrast, post-Roman Europeans would not have been civilised without Christianity, and now that the European nations have thrown it off they're either reverting to barbarism or they're so decadent and hollowed out that they don't have the will to even preserve themselves any longer.

I hate having to say this, but I can't think of a single argument to refute it. The Middle Kingdom is ruled by nine men all of whom have the power of life and death over a billion people. A morally abhorrent, disgusting regime, responsible for more deaths than any other regime in history. You can ask them all day what good doth it profit a man that he gain the whole world and yet lose his soul, but it would be like talking to the Great Wall of China.

As for their underlings, they are ferociously patriotic and supremely confident that the Chinese way of life, of order and discipline, is the best. Freedom, democracy and human rights, they say, are for wimps.

I'll give them this much: the Chinese system almost certainly enjoys an evolutionary superiority over the West. Christianity triumphed in Europe because the Roman Empire knew something the Chinese have yet to find out: it needed the Church as a precondition for its own survival.

We have nothing the Chinese want, and eventually we'll have to kowtow to them whether we want to or not.

Read Dominic Sandbrook's article in today's Daily Mail.

Marching to world domination: China celebrates 60 years of communism with a display of military might that should worry the West

Unknown said...

The West will not do anything. China now has the money. The West cannot afford to antagonise China.

Crux Fidelis said...

The market rules and the biggest market is China.


Is that something to do with bones?

Francis said...

Fr. Ray,

I used to live in West Berlin (back in the old days) and my office was very near the Wall. I remember going up the wooden platform at lunch times and surveying the death-strip and the watch towers. Like most people, I imagined that that edifice was as permanent as the Great Wall of China.

True, China was never colonized and has a tremendous history of civilization and self-sufficiency. And, yes, the West has become dependent on China for consumer goods and for financing our government debt. But the modern Chinese regime has destabilized the country and created the conditions for a massive popular backlash.

Having seen the Berlin Wall come down, I sense that the Chinese (lapsed) communist regime is living on borrowed time. Repression, abortion, the surplus of males, pollution, increasing inequalities and growing awareness of democratic freedoms via the internet will stir up revolt sooner or later. Don't invest too much of your money in China. Just pray for the Chinese people.

Administrator said...

The feminist silence on this issue is a disgrace but unfortunately not a surprise. In case it is of interest:

Michael Petek said...

Francis, the difference between Germany and China is that, in Germany, the Communist regime collapsed because Gorbachev withdrew support. Besides, the Russians couldn't make Communism work.

The Chinese can make Communism work. They can adopt the methods of authoritarian capitalism while retaining State-imposed atheism as the stable core of the system. They have a cowed and obedient people who have no concept that Man is meant to live for God and not for the State. And if the masses revolt, the Communists will kill as many people as it takes to put an end to it.

Francis said...

Fr. Ray,

Responding to Michael's point, of course China will be ruthless in putting down a rebellion: the Tiananmen Square massacre is a microcosm of what would happen if there was popular insurrection.

My point is that the Chinese regime will only be able to "make communism work" for so long. The one-child policy has resulted in the traumatization of millions and millions of women. It is creating an utterly dysfunctional society of solitary, siblingless people. This policy, plus gender-selection, has produced a surplus of 50 million males in China -- a highly dangerous ingredient.

This societal vandalism "won't work" indefinitely. It is dissolving traditional Chinese deference and obedience and undermining the foundations of society. The present regime is pulling the rug from under itself.

Jess said...

I cant believe people can actually do that to a living, defenceless baby.... Im just lost for words!

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