Friday, October 23, 2009

Anglican Option

I have just returned from Genoa, I don't know why it is that Pope Benedict pulls rabbits out of his hat when I am Italy. Many of the Italian papers had references to the establishment of Anglican "Ordinariates", most didn't seem to quite understand what Anglicanism was, nor the nature of the provision.
The best brief summary and analysis I have read on-line, so far, can be found here.

Personally I am not sure to what extent the Apostolic Constitution will touch us, or Anglicans, in England. Few who might consider the "Roman Option" use the Book of Common Prayer or its derivatives the English Missal, most happily use the Roman Missal and other liturgical books, perhaps some might use Hymns Ancient and Modern or an update thereof. Without being unkind I can see very little that might be considered to be "Anglican spirituality". The community this is really aimed at is TAC, The Traditional Anglican Community, and the congregations of Australasia and the Americas.

What is most significant in all of this is the Pope's action, again he has shown himself, as Fr Z calls him, the Pope of Christian Unity. Thank God he has removed Ecumenism from the damp church halls, discussing irrelevancies in a way that neither offends others or provokes serious discussion but simply aims to reduce Christianity to the level of the weak tea drunk on these occasions.


English Pastor said...

I am not well acquainted with Episcopalian structures around the world, but while I rejoice at the thought of a significant number of Tradition-minded Christians uniting with Rome, I do have some do we support the families of converting clergy? What will be the status of those ex-Catholic priests who have become Anglican clergy and now wish to return to Rome (having their cake and eating it?) Will they continue to form married men for ordination as their spiritual patronage? Will their Parish Councils still expect to appoint clergy to their Churches as happnes in the C of E? (I think this is a danger because it is the principle of democracy and it has been one significant element in helping the Anglican Communion to fall apart...) It seems there is much to be discussed before the Apostolic Constition can be finalised and implemented.

Michael said...

Some years ago I had an Anglo-Catholic Missal [never loan precious books] which, in every respect, mirrored the English in my large St. Andrew's Missal. The give-away being on two points: no imprimatur and prayers for the pope referred to him as " pastor inter pares". The translation and language was excellent. But that Anglo-Catholicism has gone the way of N.O. Catholicism, but their execution of the rite being far superior to the majority of N.O. celebrations. Of course, immediate post and pre-war many Anglo-Catholic clergy utilised Latin and the TLM.

Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Can we become Anglicans?

Terry said...

If I remember correctly, current Anglican Use parishes in the USA have their married clergy, but future priests, even coming from these parishes, would have to undertake the vows of celibacy.

So perhaps having these married clergy would be a one-off for this current generation before coming in line with current Catholic practices.

becket said...

Quote " English Pastor said...

I am not well acquainted with Episcopalian structures around the world, but while I rejoice at the thought of a significant number of Tradition-minded Christians uniting with Rome, I do have some do we support the families of converting clergy? "

The same way the Eastern Catholics support their married clergy. Usually the priest get's an income, but the wife still has to work to make a living. This was what I was told by a Ukrainian Catholic priest here in the US. The Church doesn't support the whole family. So don't worry about it!. Let's rejoice!!

becket said...

I would still like to see an Anglican Rite. With the option of using the Book of Divine Worship (Ordinary), and the Sarum Missal (Extra-Ordinary). I wonder if Cranmer's martyrdom will still be part of their calendar.

Et Expecto said...

I agree with you father that this arrangement of Ordinariates is more likely to apply to the TAC people who have already abandonned their connection with the Anglican Communion. Here in England, we are mostly talking about the Forward in Faith people who are still part of the C of E and belong to parishes. These people are less likely to jump for a number of reasons. Firstly it is unlikely that they will be able to bring their churches with them. Secondly, it would be necessary for the whole congregation, or at least the vast majority to jump together. Thirdly there are the financial difficulties.

Having said this, I think that we can expect another wave of converts, and I suspect that most will convert as individuals as they have done before. The church of England is going to become a less comfortable place for the anglo catholics and they will have little choice but to jump ship. This is actually the best solution because they can be fully integrated.

becket said...

You know Father. This may also be good for other reasons. Traditional Catholics, who love the Extra-Ordinary Form, but still prefer it be in English. Roman Catholics may wish to be part of Anglican Catholic parishes to get a more traditional style of worship. Plus you got to love Evensong!.

Independent said...

Becket - Cranmer is not in the Calendar of the Book of Common Prayer.
Fr Blake - there are many Anglicans in bodies such as the Prayer Book Society who certainly maintain a very Anglican spirituality. Given a nudge they might change their allegiance as the recent innovations in the C of E shock such conservaive people. .Fr Nicholls in "The Panther and the Hind" takes such people very seriously. Many others however are copies of the trendy New Order.

Developments on the Anglican Fr Hunwicke's blog, which I would surmise you read, should be very interesting. He is making a strong defence of Cranmerian English.

nickbris said...

The acrid odour of XENOPHOBIA,is there no getting away from it?

If it's not Asylum seekers it's Economic Migrants,it now appears it will be Anglican Priests that will be the target.

Are we ever going to live together like civilised human beings?

Last night on BBC TV we had the "Farce of the Century".

The Church of England is a false religion and it's members are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

His Holiness Pope Benedict is trying to make it easy for them,please GOD it works and we can get back to where we were 500 years ago.

Moretben said...

...and then you can all concentrate together on getting back to where you were 1200 years ago. Now that'll be something! ;o)

David Lindsay said...

These clergy, of whom I know many well, are not bringing anyone with them: their parishes are largely in areas with long, or even not so long, folk memories of the tensions caused by Irish immigration.

I have known people become Methodists because the local Anglo-Catholic church closed and they didn't want to go to the next pit village, where the Anglican church was no Lower.

Their buildings are often no older than ours, being in places that only sprang up in the nineteenth century.

The provision for the Personal Ordinary to be an ex-Anglican makes this a one-generation arrangement by definition.

And what, exactly, are the distinguishing marks that they will be permitted to retain? What? And why?