Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mass today: Advoidem

Courtesy of Henry.
Mass today: the back of the Church, piles of timber; in front of the altar a void; in the sacristy, clutter.
I know it looks as though I levitating but I am on the same level as the altar servers and congregation. I am not that all!

A panoramic view of the sanctuary, cortesy of Clare, with the temporary tabernacle in the foreground, click to enlarge.

The Church will be closed until Mass on Friday evening, all the Masses today were cum populo, the first time some people had experienced it. The only reactions I got were positive.
The last Mass today was was a Traditional Latin Mass, the first Mass on the "bones" of our new sanctuary will be a TLM.

If you can help us financially click the Paypal gadget opr send a cheque, if not at least say an Ave that the work gets done while I am away.


Monica Edith said...

You can't fool me, Father, I know you're levitating :)
It's going to be beautiful when the renovation is finished. Ave's are on the way.

Bill of L.A. said...

Sorry, Father. We who cherish you aren't convinced you're not levitating.

Anonymous said...

Wan't there a saint who would actually levitate when raising the Blessed Sacrament? I eem to recall reading something about that. Might've been an Italian saint. For some reason St. Philip Neri comes to mind, but I don't think it was him.

By the way, it's very interesting to see the work develop. Very curious to see the end result.

Roberto said...

back to the high altar instead of that movable table.