Sunday, October 18, 2009

Italian Liturgy

I am going to Italy early tomorrow -Monday- morning for my holiday, I am back late Thursday.

One of the things that often shocks me about Italy is the appalling liturgical celebrations one often encounters, even in Rome.

I remember being present, by accident, at a priest's jubilee Mass, the music was a group of young adults screaming through an over amped microphone, the rag bag of concelebrants each gave there own sermonette eulogising the jubilarian who then eulogised the eulogisers. What most shocked me was that wandering around the church and sanctuary was a man with a camera who filmed everything through his camera, he didn't even put it down when he received Holy Communion.

The above might be an extreme, I would so, but even half as bad would be bad enough. Rorate Caeli reports a survey that might indicate that the majority of Italian Catholics are heartily sick of this sort of thing and crave a more traditional approach to liturgical celebrations.

Another report says that the first Pontifical High Mass in the Usus Antiquior since 1968 will be celebrated this morning by Archbishop Raymond Burke in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in St Peters. It will indeed be interesting if the Holy Father mentions this in this mornings Angelus.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I think the youth are turned off by the Church's attempts to be secular...this is one of the many reasons that I think the youth are gravitating towards tradition

pelerin said...

Have just watched the Pope at the Angelus. His subject was Missionary Sunday and the importance of supporting the Missionaries but he did not appear to mention the American Archbishop.

Pope Benedict did mention the elderly priest who was recently kidnapped in the Philippines. I believe he is still missing.

Surprised to learn that Italy has appalling liturgical celebrations - that jubilee Mass sounds a nightmare instead of the dignified ceremony it could have been. Eulogising the eulogisers is going too far!! And I can understand Fr Ray's horror at the man with the camera - truly incredible that he did not put it down to receive Holy Communion. The first time I witnessed an official cameraman taking pictures at the Elevation at a ceremony in France shocked me but this seems to be the norm now. And it is wondered why so many people no longer show reverence in Church ...

Happy Holidays Fr Ray and hope the liturgies you encounter won't be too bad this time.

shadowlands said...

"eulogised the eulogisers"

Only you Father Ray could resent so articulatory. Have a good holiday. Come back safe,you have a large task to fulfill.May Our Lady's mantle overshadow and protect your whole journey.

Steven said...

I once saw the photographer push the priest aside to get a better shot of the bride and groom, Though the couple from Rome should now be celebrating their 20th anniversary one hopes we have moved away from those days.

Natasa said...

I was in Sicily a few moths ago and every Mass I went to was pretty bad. One priest was not appropriately dressed and was very casual in his celebration. One had a group of children-altar servers, who followed him throughout Mass when it was completely unecessary to do so. I didn't understand the point of that. Italians definitely need a new generation of priests who will get things back to normal.

Dave from Leicestershire said...

Have a good, well deserved holiday, Fr. Ray. I'm afraid that I have to report that in the part of Spain where we go, the Mass is largely unrecognisable. The priests and most of the congregation rarely genuflect and seem more concerned with their own self-promotion rather than the worship of Almighty God in an air of reverence.
Our Birmingham Oratory priest says we must attend but has made helpful suggestions as to how my wife and myself virtually withdraw from what's going on around us and yet participate in our own way.
I suspect that many Italians are doing exactly the same.

Gabriella said...

I'm Italian, I live in Italy, and I fully confirm that most novus ordo liturgical celebrations here are appalling.
There is a yearning, especially by the young, for the more serious and spiritual vetus ordo but all our churches and parishes are in the hands of progressive priests and groups such as the neocatecumenals and the happy clappers ... and the old ladies who have entirely taken over the running of the churches ... and all these people just don't want to know! :(

gemoftheocean said...

Have a wonderful time in Rome, Father. I bet if we took turns watching the Gamarelli's window we'd see you make an appearance. :-D Even just to window shop.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

It was jammed. All reports said it was standing room only, and then only if you were willing to make like a sardine.

Good news.

I heard it wasn't all ex-pat English or Yanks either. Actual Italians went.

Good things in Rome.

Crux Fidelis said...

I've just been rading an account of the funeral Mass at the church of St Laurence O'Toole in Dublin for the singer Stephen Gately. Among the gifts presented at the offertory procession were a Mickey Mouse doll (because of his love for Disneyland) and a bottle of moisturiser (because of his love for skin care products).

Enjoy your trip to Rome.

St Laurence O'Toole - pray for us.

Independent said...

I can remember attending a Mass in Sorrento in 1984 at which the only man in the sanctuary was the priest. The music was decidedly pop and the ceremonial was a shambles.

Has it changed? or got worse?