Monday, July 24, 2006

Clayton wallpaintings

I am always surprised that so many Brighton residents are unaware of the Clayton paintings, which are within hiking distance (10 minutes by car) of our city. If you haven't seen them it is well worth the little effort. The paintings on the side walls are rather difficult to interpret but the style of the painting is solemn and majestic. I discovered them by accident, when as a youth I was staying with friends in the lee of the Jack and Jill windmills and wandered into what I thought was an unpreposessing rural Church, and still when I visit it I am awestruck by the artist's exaltation in the glory of the Church Triumphant that shines through the sparse pallette of ochres 8/9 centuries later.

Anne Marshall, from the Open University has a fasicinating catologue of early wallpaintings.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't have a car, it's only a short walk along the railway line from Hassocks. If you're feeling particularly adventurous or fancy a contemplative day out there is a wonderful walk from Hassocks up onto the downs and then along the South Downs Way all the way to Lewes. It is 10 miles but you can reward yourself with a pint of Harvey's in Lewes before you get the train back to Brighton

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