Monday, July 14, 2008

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Kittens

picture: different cat
Doesn't it just make you want to wring its ....., all right Mac and other cat lovers, I know pussycats are absolutely lovely and everyone should have six

This is from News Com. Australia and entitled "Pope Smitten by Kitten", if this is the standard of Australian journalism, I am not looking forward to the next 10 days or so.

Of all Pope Benedict's loyal followers in Australia, little Bella has every right to feel like the cat that got the cream.
The 11-month-old grey tabby kitten has been brought in to make the pontiff feel at home during his three-day stay at Kenthurst in NSW.
It will ease any bout of homesickness the pontiff would have felt being away from his most beloved of pets.
The Pope's love of stray cats is legendary in the Vatican, and his house in Germany is filled with cats and guarded by a cat statue.
Catherine Lennon said the Opus Dei followers at the Kenthurst Study Centre brought Bella into the retreat to keep the Pope company while he played the piano.
A talented musician and Mozart fan, the Pope will have access to a baby grand piano in a room decorated with paintings of Australian landscapes.
With no TV or extravagances, he will have a time to get to know his new friend.


Ttony said...

After you with the sick bowl, Father.

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia says that cats have been associated with humans for 9,500 years. The Pope's love of cats is clearly something to do with the hermeneutic of continuity (no, not Fr Tim!).
But then Wikipedia says cats can be taught simple commands. Taught to ignore them least if my two are anything to go by.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Kittens!

gemoftheocean said...

"A talented musician and Mozart fan, the Pope will have access to a baby grand piano in a room decorated with paintings of Australian landscapes..

Phew, for a second there, I thought the paintings were going to be of cats.

Cats are okay for *other people.* But personally, if I wanted that sort of aloof relationship, I'd have gotten married! Of course, if people were like dogs, and one was married you'd never want to leave the house. ;-D You'd just sit around in mutual admiration and not get anything done.

Mulier Fortis said...

It's alright, Fr. Ray... I suspect that they did the kitten piece because the Pope is safely ensconced in the retreat centre, and journalists have to justify their existence somehow !

Anonymous said...

I'd have more confidence of the pope if he was a dog lover! Always been a little suspicious of cat followers!!!

Sister Mary Martha said...

Some day, when the Pope is a saint in heaven, people will have someone else to intercede for them besides St. Gertrude of Neville, the one and only patron saint of cats.

Michael Clifton said...

Some of your commentators do not seem to like cats. Well surely everyone has a right to like cats even Popes.

Anonymous said...

To those with eyes to see, cats are an icon of God's mystery, serving to remind us that it's possible to admire and love something that lies beyond our understanding or control.


gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, but Romulus, just remember: No cat has EVER rescued anyone from a burning building. Now they may have run across one's body trying to get to the door and out when a fire occurs, but this would have been pure coincidence because one's body happened to be in the straight line between themselves and the exit.

Oh,I know you'll say, "But they wouldn't have the strength to drag you." No matter, even if they could they still wouldn't!

I'm with you, Big Ben.

Anonymous said...

No cat has EVER rescued anyone from a burning building.

True, Gem. But not important sub specie aeternitatis. Besides teaching us humility in this life, cats can be seen as forerunners of eternity -- which will consist of adoration of a profound and ineffable Mystery. Eternity isn't going to be about good works.

Anyone dozing with a purring puss is enjoying a proleptic peek into heaven.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I am allergic to cats.

(Great blog, by the way. You have my apostolic blessing.)

Atlanta said...

Thanks for this post. :-)

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I'm not a huge fan of cats (or horrible journalists, for that matter), but to be fair, I never knew the pope was a "talented musician" until now!

GOR said...

Well I'm more of a dog-person (we have three...) myself, but I do tolerate cats (we have two...). I hasten to add that we did not 'acquire' the cats - they acquired us!

Living in the country as we do we have been 'adopted' over the years by a succession of cats. They have shown up in the yard looking bedraggled and in need of sustenance (purring: "feed me!"). We have obliged and they have stayed around for different periods of time.

It has become a matter of 'peaceful coexistence'. They are outside cats - or 'barn cats' as we call them over here. They reside in the garage and go where they please between meals. They do their part by taking care of assorted vermin - mice, chipmunks, etc. and we reciprocate by feeding them.

It is a mutually satisfactory arrangement. They pretty much ignore us and we respond in kind - except at feeding time!

gemoftheocean said...

Holy Joe! Why don't you make sure that blessing comes with a mitre!!!


Anonymous said...

Cats have "rescued" people from burning buildings. I've heard and read of many incidents of this. They bother the heck out of their owners until they wake up and realize the situation and get out. Sadly, the one personal incident that I recall, the cat after waking his owners, went and hid, thereupon being the only casuality in the fire. So there! you cat impaired people!

Kasia said...

Anyone dozing with a purring puss is enjoying a proleptic peek into heaven.


I love dogs - I would have at least one if I didn't live in an apartment - but there's something about cats that just can't be matched.

And for the record, if my fiancé turns out to be doglike in married life, I may have to kill one of us! ;-)

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