Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Argentine opposes diocese that excludes Falklands

A difficult one for Vatican diplomats, does anyone know who is the present bishop of the Falklands?

(CWNews.com) - Argentina's government has expressed opposition to the establishment of a new Catholic Diocese of Tierra del Fuego, which would not include the Falkland Islands.

Argentina claims legal sovereignty over the Falklands, an isolated archipelago in the southern Atlantic. But Argentina's assertion of control was defeated by British military force in the brief war of April 1982. In 2002, the Holy See named a British priest, Father Michael McPartland, to head the apostolic prefecture of the Falklands. Nevertheless, the Argentine government objects to the suggested boundaries of the proposed new diocese, which would weaken Argentina's claims on the islands.

There are about 3,000 residents of the Falkland Islands, of whom 300 are Catholics.


gemoftheocean said...

Those losers should just "get over it." And the Vatican should just tell them that too. There's no need to be "nice." Don't bring a knife to a gunfight, ladies.

Anonymous said...

How about a solution linking Papa Stronsay and the Falklands?


Anonymous said...

The Argentinians should learn some history. By the time they established an administration in 1828 the islands had long been reduced to either British or Spanish sovereignty, and by the time the British returned in 1833 the Argentinian administration had not been in place for long enough to pass by prescription. Spain did not even recognise Argentina as an independent state until 1858 and at no time after 1833 did she ever contest the British claim.

Anonymous said...

anon - Fr Z has information in his latest post that the Transalpine Redemptorists on Papa Stronsay have just been regularised. Events seem to be moving fast now in the Church - exciting times to be in.

Anonymous said...

Googling around (rain stopped play at Wimbledon!) I see that there does not seem to be a Catholic Bishop of the Falklands. Fr Michael Bernard mcPartland is described as the Prefect Apostolic and he would appear to be 'in charge' not only of the Falklands but also of St Helena, Asension Is and Tristan da Cunha. Curiously he has the letters SMA after his name which I thought was the Societe des Missions Africaine but obviously something else!

His address is given in Rome.

There used to be an anglican bishop of the Falklands and it would appear that now the archbishop of Canterbury holds this role. I wonder whether he has ever paid them a visit?

PeterHWright said...

It is interesting that the Prefect Apostolic of the Falkland Islands (or the Malvinas, as they are known in Argentina) is also the ecclesisastic Superior of the Missio sui iuris of St. Helena, Ascension Island, and Tristan da Cunha.

Clergy are supplied by the bishops of England & Wales, I think.

Sooner or later, the Apostolic Prefecture and the Missio presumably will coalesce into a (predominantly English speaking) Apostolic Vicariate of the South Atlantic. This could even evolve into the Diocese of the South Atlantic, at least in theory.

And I can't see the Argentines liking that !

Royce said...

Hah -- The Argentines are obsessed with this. They have signs all over the country that say "Las Malvinas son Argentinas!" Seriously, don't ever bring it up in front of an Argentine.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it Royce! When I was student in Germany in 1982-3 one of my fellow-students was an Argentine.

I hope she's mellowed since then. I know I certainly haven't.

Anonymous said...


Fr Ray Blake said...

I do not normally allow "Anonymous" comments,
I have made a exception with the one above.

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