Friday, July 04, 2008

For Karen and all readers in the US

Happy Independence Day


gemoftheocean said...

Hey, thank you! No hard feelings. The only things we burn in effigy around here on the fourth are hot dogs, steaks and burgers. :-D I'd light a sparkler for you but they're completely banned in my county. [Understandably given there's always one brain dead who'd light on next to a stand of nearly dead trees in a high wind.) We do get a lot of professional fireworks however. :-D Thanks for the primer!

Fr. Sean F. of "my polo team" [you, him, Fr. Tim and Fr. John[ will be out here next weeks, visiting a choral group out here I've made arrangements to kidnap him for Sea World next Thursday ... would that you other three (my troika) could also be here!]

Anonymous said...

Christopher Columbus, T.O.R. & the Franciscans made possible the Discovery of the New World with
the Help of Our Blessed Lady & subsequently, the
founding of a great nation.

The Bearer of Christ, for that is what his name means, was a layman of the 3rd Order of St. Francis and
could not have discovered the New World without the assistance of the Franciscans. Naturally taking to sailing, since he was from Genoa which overlooked the Ligurian-Tyrrhenian Seas, Columbus began to study geography and
came to espouse the school of geography that had the correct conceptionof the world. This conception held that there were
lands to the west of Europe that could be discovered by navigation. This was the opinion afoot in Europe and promoted by Franciscan scholars.

Learning how to use the compass, Columbus followed scientific principles of navigation based on Arabic geographers. His motivation, as well as that of Queen Isabelle of Castile, in discovering new lands for Christ and saving souls is unfortunately not appreciated.

What our American Nation needs is a Franciscan Revival.
A deeper understanding of the contributions that the Franciscans made in the discovery, exploration
& settlement of the New World and their role in planting the seed of the True Faith among the indigenous
inhabitants is largely ignored. These Franciscans brought the Light of Christ to those who were involved in the darkness of pagan & idolatrous practices by the Gospel, bringing the largest possible number to the knowledge and worship of God and Jesus Christ Whom He sent.
So trusted were the Franciscans by the Kings of Spain, that they decreed that only Franciscan brothers & priests who kept the Rule of St Francis with the strictness of St Peter of Alcantara were permitted to go to the New World. All the Missions in California were founded by Alcantarine Friars. A Franciscan Revival is what is needed to bring Our Nation back to its Catholic roots.

Happy Fourth!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How very thoughtful of you, Father Blake! I enjoy reading you blog as well as a few others from the U.K. Thank you!

Andrea Brown
Anaheim, CA

John D. Enright said...

I read your comment on WDTPRS and I have to tell you this. We really didn't leave early; in fact I don't think we ever really left at all! Children grow up and need their own space. They don't, as a rule, sever their loving relationship to their mothers. The UK still plays a very profound and important part for all Americans, and we thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anon - Handel? yes I believe it is Handel's Music for the Royal Fireworks. I listened to it three times last night - it has such a 'feel good factor' about it and really lifts the spirit.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Haendal, Handl, Handel, yes it is: Music(k) for the Royal Fireworks. I thought our American cousins would like something "royal".

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