Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cardinal Pell Opens World Youth Day

Cardinal George Pell, the leader of Australia's Catholics, celebrates mass on Sydney Harbour. The world's biggest Christian festival opened with a spectacular harbourside mass for up to 150,000 pilgrims taking part in World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the disgraceful attacks on Cardinal Pell which have been widely reported in the so called quality press and the BBC have anything to do with the panic that has set in with certain quarters that Rome has rejected the terna for Westminster as lacking in imagination; surely the Congregation for Bishops could not describe Nicholls Smith or Roche as boring!!!! are they at last seeing the light.ffn

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories. I don't think there's any chance of Cardinal Pell being appointed to Westminster, never in a million years!Not only is he not indigenous but he has no attachment to E&W either (I think i am right about this). It would be a very bad move. A more creative appointment might be possible though, either from within these isles (not necessailly from within the normal ranks) or the curia, perhaps less likely though from another teritory not least one on the other side of the world. Anyway, would Cardinal Pell be able to get an immigration visa do you think? I mean will he get enough points for his trade. Some people might say there's a shortage of good theologians (or whatever his trade) in this country but i dont think HM Immigration allocates high points for these professions!

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